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Ghana - Review

-5 12.08.2020

Cheap fake

Used filler Ghana, but more frustration. Bottled somewhere in the underground. Not worth the money for sure! No certificates of quality. More and side effects revealed

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For me, summer is a different problem with the skin. That will be a no-no spot, the skin becomes dull and faded.

magical feeling

The procedure was recommended by one colleague, after I asked her or can recommend a good cosmetologist, still want to

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It is very convenient that on my street there is a "House of Beauty". Previously went to another address. The girls all

Tattooing of lips, nice, if done correctly!

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Statement From time to time make, increase mink eyelashes. I take the average length that was not too challenging! The

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More in the university tried to build a hot wax. It looks beautiful from your hair can not be distinguished. My hair

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