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Baby diapers Baby Rich - Review

5 27.07.2018

Cheap baby nappies, Baby Rich.

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I don't often write reviews, but today I want to talk about nappies, which, in my opinion, worthy of attention.
We are the happy parents of two children, youngest daughter is 10 months old, I took quite a lot of money, so was looking for options among economy diapers. The Haggis hard and leaking, diapers began to leak. Husband at work, colleagues advised a site with cheap diapers and home delivery. We, without hesitation, ordered a pack of diapers rich baby. Diapers are doing in Russia. Like the absence of any smell from diapers. Now, many well-known diapers have an unpleasant chemical smell. We brought them in two days (delivered on Tuesdays), SMS announced on time delivery, great shop. Ordered on the website
Big pack 58 pieces 765 rubles, more profitable course to take three packages, then shipping is free. On the package everything is painted and even drawn, how to wear (for young and inexperienced mothers and fathers).
The diapers are soft, I really like the inner layer, it is very pleasant to the touch. Velcro is strong, several times I calmly unbuttoning them. The belt from rich baby seemed a couple of inches higher than the diapers. Very comfortable.
Now we buy only a rich baby, they sit neatly, Velcro straps do not fit, and that is especially pleasant, the diapers do not hang below the knees. Diapers we approached, the priest is not red (as from nappies day and night), I think they are really hypoallergenic.
Rich baby diapers are a great option for low-income families, but also for anyone who wants to save money but buy quality.
It is a pity that there is no diaper - panties have a rich baby, but we are still diapers are perfect, especially is large.

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