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Baby wipes Pamper universal, wet sound. s - Review

3 02.05.2012

Baby wipes Pamper universal, wet sound. s

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Pampers Baby Wipes are suitable for different purposes. They are well hydrated, do not cause allergies. Now apply them practically everywhere: to handle the baby as rags to clean the toys. Packaged 64 pieces, enough for a long time.

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Pampers baby wipes naturally.

Always enjoyed the products of the company Pampers. Pampers baby wipes bought naturally. I did not like the smell.

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The store did not have napkins that I usually buy, so bought it as an alternative, baby wet wipes, "The Little

Wet wipes for children of TM «Dr.Tuttelle» cleansing with camomile extract for hands and face 30pcs - disgusting smell

In general, I have to use baby wipes «Dr.Tuttelle» happened is not the best view. I did not like their awful smell, v

Baby Wipes Ultra Compact

My baby is almost 2 years and all the time we have tried a number of children's wet wipes. Never had allergic

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Baby powder our MOM

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Детский шампунь Oriflame Ginger bread.

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Happy diapers leak.

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Diapers Pampers Sleep & Play

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Panties Goon 9-14 kg for boys 44 2 pcs L - not a very convenient form

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Tenderness Wipes Baby (production of Poland) - foul smell

Although it is written on the packaging that they can be used from birth, I would not recommend it for the little ones

Baby wipes, "I most beloved baby" of the «Cotton club» - low price and excellent quality

Newly bought in a drugstore baby wipes "I am the most beloved baby" of the «Cotton club». From birth, we have

Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes moist 3 * 64sht a replacement unit - good

for child care always buy wet wipes, recently purchased Pampers Baby Fresh, I liked them. The smell from towels soft,

Gel TM «Bubchen» for bathing babies 400ml - perfect for baby skin

bathe a baby almost a day and use it for bathing, this gel, it perfectly cleans and cares for sensitive skin and fine

Baby wipes of Pampers

Wipes have a pleasant scent on the skin of my little daughter does not cause any allergic reactions. After their

Baby shampoo + conditioner Kids Schauma 2 in 1 - a good baby shampoo.

Kids Schauma Baby Shampoo 2 in 1 balm with me and his son very much. Son of smell, and the fact that the shampoo does

Pampers Premium Care Dry Max Maxi 4 (7-18 kg), 24 pieces - expensive but good

Once the friends have brought diapers as a gift, such as when we tested them, found them safely absorb even a sparse

Children comb Nuk, Germany - made especially for babies.

The best comb for infant hairs - a baby massage brush Nuk! She has a soft, natural bristles that will not damage the

Diapers Huggies Naturemade Girl 4-8 kg 54 pcs - the quality speaks for itself

Diapers Huggies Naturemade some of the best, they are very high quality, it is clear and to the touch and the way they

Pampers Active Baby by Procter and Gamble - saved in the winter frost

His children, I am not accustomed to the diaper. I think this is an invention for lazy mothers. After all, the baby may

Wipes Huggies Classic wiping children with aloe and vitamin E 144 units - soft and tender

Napkins are good, use them if you ever need a place to wipe your baby, they are always at hand, soft and gentle, have a

Children with a series of cream GreenMama - Excellent cream!

Children with cream GreenMama left behind a string of positive emotions! It is perfectly absorbed, leaves no greasy

Diapers Pampers Sleep & Play - very economical.

For the walks using diapers Pampers Sleep & Play - they are very cheap - if you buy a large container, then a

Excellent diapers Pampers premium

For my son, I always bought diapers Pampers premium. I like Pampers premium in the fastener, the child does not rub and

Diapers Pampers Active baby maxi plus 9-20kg 120sht - like

Diapers Pampers Active baby maxi plus one of the few that I trust and know that they are more expensive though and the

Powder Kodomo Baby "maximum tenderness" liked it.

Powders Kodomo Baby "maximum tenderness" in the children's department bought for her nephew. Before you

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