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Baby Cream Lifeguard Alpha Intel, Poland is always at hand. - Review

5 19.10.2011

Baby Cream "Lifeguard" Alpha Intel, Poland is always at hand.

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Bare knees - the trouble is all the kids. How many tears shed because of them. How quickly you want to take away the pain. In these cases, the medication helps me, "rescuer." It has anti-inflammatory action, based on oils and natural ingredients. It is indispensable for burns and insect bites.

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BISOPROLOL-KV table. 5 mg number 30 Kiev vitamin factory

For many years, the mother suffers from hypertension, how many different medications already prescribed the disease as

Lost redness "Fenistil"

A child (age of 1.7) appeared rash red skin blotches, in the beginning there was one thing, but now much more. Brought

Painkiller "Saridon"

Last year I started to get severe headaches, especially in the evening, turned with these complaints to the doctor. The

Tablets Analgin UBF harmful

Analgin tablets harmful to the kidneys and the heart! Though a strong analgesic effect, but even in small doses, they

Combopass from Synmedic caused constipation

I purchased the pharmacy drug Combopass from the company Synmedic (India) as an analgesic. The price is acceptable, but

Smectite - help ... in five days, maybe!

Problems with diarrhea I encountered, when the first child. And then the second. Every mom knows how often, especially

Ointment Triderm

On the face rash does not clear the origin. Thought allergies, but when anti-allergic medicines have not helped, went

Nasal spray Expra

Started a runny nose and I went for a vasoconstrictor agent to the pharmacy because without it normally nose not

Dental gel DENTOL

I think I understand the parents, the children's teeth are erupting painful. In this situation, I want to help the

Cough syrup Prospan

Cough syrup Prospan does not help with allergic cough. That is my experience. When in the summer of first appeared

Lasolvan solution for inhalation and oral administration Boehringer Ingelheim International GmbH

I got sick with bronchitis doctor prescribed Lasolvan solution for inhalation and oral administration Boehringer

Eye drops "TOPEX" Alcon (Belgium)

Eye drops "TOPEX" (Alcon) ordered my six-month then the daughters of suspected conjunctivitis. An antibiotic, but the

ointment Levomekol

After applying the tattoo on the left shoulder blade), the master recommended for healing ointment Levomekol. As

Spray the mouth Proposol Mr. unpleasant taste.

Last year stomatitis sister got sick! Could not eat, my mouth was covered in a raid. The doctor ordered a spray for

Nose drops Naphazoline - ineffective and addictive!

Hello! If you have a runny nose and nasal congestion, and you decide to use nose drops Naphazoline, do not use this

"Endocrinol" from the pharmaceutical company "Evalar" - under the protection of the thyroid gland!

I have recently increased the thyroid gland, was diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction, lack of iodine. An endocrinologist

Ointment "Betasalik", OAO "Kyivmedpreparat", Ukraine - quickly removes the aggravation of psoriasis.

I have psoriasis for a long time. Many that have tried to treat. I'm more suited creams and ointments. I like very

Good cure for heartburn.

Good cure for heartburn, it helps and where to stay. I have heartburn is not a rare phenomenon, but with my job and eat

"Theravit Anti Stress" - a great range of vitamins for the nervous system

For the prevention of neuroses, I was told a great range of vitamins for the nervous system "Theravit

Mucosolvan quickly cure your neck

Mucosolvan helps you to heal your neck and get rid of the cough. The great advantage of this particular cough syrup is

Great effect!

I'll be brief. Tried many lozenges, including better than Isla-Moos, frankly. I have them at the first signs of

Thrush - boy!

At the time, was looking for reviews about cardinorm. I was advised by my friend, and I love so - trust but verify.

Protect them during cold and flu season

I remember this winter was a big epidemic. Masks do not help, oxoline was not found. And I'm still in position. The

To avoid colds helped me Citovir-3.

Recently found out about Citovir, he is widely known, a lot of reviews on it. And found out about it last winter,

Excellent medicines Indian manufacturers

Thank you very much for the invaluable help in the acquisition of drugs for the treatment of hepatitis C, genotype 1b.

Helped to cleanse the body of toxins

On may holidays have a good rest at the cottage with a barbecue and drinks. Then when I returned home, the feeling was

Balsam Golden Star - still remains the best.

This balm release from the Soviet era. It is no coincidence because there is no better means of a cold or headache.

The Mukaltin (Mucaltin)

The child had a cough were treated, all fashionable and expensive drugs which were prescribed by a doctor, but the

Syrup "Aerius" from Schering-Plough Lab - Helps

Acquired recently a tool for the kid because he has started an allergy to the vaccine, and it was urgent to do

Anesthetic Sanofi-Aventis "ultrakain" - Very good action!

Recently had to remove the tooth, the doctor advised us to buy painkillers Sanofi-Aventis "ultrakain." After

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