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Derinat - Review

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Reduxine ineffective and harmful

Reduxine alleged drug affects the brain and blocks the feeling of hunger, do not believe, lies a lot of money for three

Tablets of Calm are not effective

On the recommendations of the pharmacist in a drugstore, bought the pills hadn't pacified, the production of materia

Iodine 36.6 + awkward packaging.

Bought over the counter and iodine, as is always the correct thing, and took a few. But, as it turned out, even the

Pills Pain-Ran Premium

Very recently a cold, aching entire body, twisted joints, and General malaise. The pharmacy recommended pill Bol-ran

Tablet "Zentel"

Pill Zentel company GlaxoSmithKline (United Kingdom) acquired, because the child had worms. She sold one package, it

Nifuroxazide from Gedeon Richter

Antibacterial drug Nifuroxazide from Gedeon Richter turned out to be absolutely useless tool in the fight against

Drops under given circumstances from Heel placebo

Drops under given circumstances from Heel absolutely no effect. Our doctor has prescribed for treatment of hypertrophic

Activeren to raise hemoglobin

My one-year-old child was hemoglobin 90. The pediatrician said that we urgently need to raise and for this purpose have

The Eden table. 5 mg № 10 JSC

My daughter was allergic to the cough medicine and the doctor recommended to take the drug, the Eden table. 5 mg № 10 p

Cough syrup, Langes 50 mg/ml

The doctor-to-child when appointed cough syrup, Langes 50 mg/ml JV "sperco Ukraine after the second dose, the child

Riabal not relieves pain

With the arrival of spring has worsened my chronic pancreatitis. My husband bought in a drugstore spasmolysant, Riabal

Tablets Diplan 500 mg Arterium

If heaviness and swelling, the doctor scheduled to take pills Diplan 500 мг.Arterium. Was taken as prescribed by a d

" Diamond green " (Zaporozhye)

I do not understand, now 2013 year and still haven't come up with a normal jar for " zelenki ".

Tablets Metamin 1000 mg Kusum

My mother was diagnosed with diabetes type 2, the doctor immediately appointed her Metamin 1000 mg Kusum, 1 tablet 2

The Tablet from the throat Èfizol

Getting very sore throat, bought pills Efisol (Èfizol). a taste of the pill is simply horrible, that is not valid for

Antiallergic, immunosuppressive drug, "diazolin" excellent help with the symptoms of allergies.

Allergy, immunosuppressive drug, "diazolin" in the medicine cabinet, we have always, since the pills are very

I found a cough medicine.

If the cough is not treated, it is quite possible after some time passes, why not :) Just strange not to pay attention

Boiron Oscillococcinum from the Lab - quickly and easily beat colds

At work, felt not very comfortable, headache, throat tickle. A friend offered me his help and gave me a cough medicine

Mucosolvan Syrup - a double feeling after application

child to the pediatrician ordered to take Mucosolvan Syrup, taken 3 times daily for 1 teaspoon, washed down with some

Kagocel with SARS

My fall began with a cold, took her daughter to school, came home and felt unwell. After a couple of hours the

Panthenol Spray CHAUVIN ANKERPHARM GmbH - an excellent remedy for burns.

I'm in the home medicine cabinet is a wonderful remedy for burns. It has been tested by me, and I trust him. When I

Pills "Shiitake" from "Evalar" - helps to cope with the malignant cells in the early

Recently at work we had a rather unpleasant story. One of the officers raised a suspicion of cancer. Revealed she had

ПоксКлин хорошо помог

Мы недавно отболели ветряной оспой, болели оба детя и папа (вот кому туго пришлось) Дети даже не особо температурили, а

Candles Viburkol - an excellent homeopathic remedy

Compared to other antipyretic candles, candles Viburkol much higher than similar drugs. They not only lower the

Tonsilgon-H with pharyngitis - Children

drops of vegetable origin in acute and chronic diseases of the throat, the child is often sick and have now been

Cream Pimafucin production Astellas Pharma Europe BV (Yamonouchi) quickly healed yeast.

After the birth had to take antibiotics, which caused the thrush. Pleasant was very little, especially given the


Мне нравится каша малютка, кушаю сама и даю детям, все довольны. Молоко развожу немного водой при приготовлении, кашу по

Tsitovir - 3 powder for solution for children

Tsitovir - 3 appeared on the market not so long ago, but it's new, good medicine for the treatment and prevention

enterosgel-A good way of cleaning the body

Enterosgel - a great tool that can help you from illness such as food poisoning, liver disease, various types of

Quick help with a cold.

Like the spring is over, but still the infection some walks. I recently at work, not myself. Feel sick. Well with wear

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