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Medication patch Wanton of ARTIPUS - Review

5 27.02.2017

Dorsalgia and Wanton of ARTIPUS

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My sick story in the literal and figurative sense started long ago, when her son was born. Then I think I broke my back, so to speak. It happened once that was dragging a three year old child, a bag and a bike. Back maybe more, maybe more, and longer, sort of. Although, of course, I knew that the cause of the pain it is not going away. In General, from time to time it just got worse. In the end, started to hurt badly. And numb hand, was shot in the shoulder and even heart. Any bends, turns of the body has given a strong pain. I even went to a cardiologist just in case to check. But with the heart of everything is OK. In General, the reason for my dorsalgia (as scientifically called my pain syndrome) found in a degenerative disc disease.
I was recommended to seek help in vertebrological center. There I had an MRI which showed that in the lumbar problems. In General, the doctor said that the first task is to remove acute pain syndrome because the pain can not be tolerated. I did blockade novocaine, prescribed anti-inflammatory drugs, massage therapy, and instead of ointments the doctor prescribed me the patch Wanton of artplus. The doctor noted that this comprehensive treatment will result. If all the drugs I was familiar with, something about the patch I heard for the first time. I was prescribed a course of 2 weeks. I glued it to the back every day at night. Sometimes I walked with him the whole day. He is invisible and does not interfere. I somehow feel safer in the lower back. To be honest, I associate it with the effect of the patch. I read about it on the Internet, found information on the composition. There are many medicinal plants with analgesic effect: Aconite Kuznetsov, the fighter Carmichael, Angelica dahurica, etc. the Composition of natural. No allergies have not caused. So anyone have a similar problem, ask your doctor about this patch. I'm sure that he, too, will be useful for You.

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