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Laundry detergent reach of public (DOSIA) automatic alpine freshness - not like

Laundry detergent reach of public (DOSIA) automatic alpine freshness I did not like. First, it washes bad grease. In

Tool for Cookware Pril

Tried the dishwashing detergent Pril balsam of Aloe Vera. Even upset. There are claims to the quality of washing the

Air freshener Glade After rain

Air fresheners buy constantly on the farm they always come in handy. Recently began to use freshener Glade scented with

Cleaner for shower Ajax (Ajax) does not remove plaque

To clean the shower chose cleaner soul Ajax (Ajax). The composition is easy to cope with minor contamination, but

Gel for washing Losk

Consultant at the store advised to buy gel for washing stained laundry to Losk. But I am not very happy with this

Trash bags Freken Bok

Trash bags Freken Bok with strings - quite fragile, several times рпиходилось to return home, putting the garbage - pen

Air freshener glade

Air freshener - it is a necessary tool, so choosing it, I always try not to miscalculate the smell. The last time

Electric dryer for shoes boy friend

Went to visit the village for the weekend and took 1-shoes-sneakers, and Thunder on Sunday, lightning and heavy rain,

Frying Vitesse VS 2221, short-lived, the quality of much hramaet!

I saw these things in the store are very nice and wanted to buy a miracle. In appearance and characteristics seemed to

Cleaning tablets for toilet Bloo - dangerous chemicals

This tablet pleased me at first - the toilet is clean and odor in the bathroom is very nice. But, over time, I began to

Spray the flies COBRA.

Hunted flies aerosol super COBRA, sprayed more than offers instruktsiya.zapah very unpleasant, chemical, but still

Dye for suede Salamander fiction!

For paint and restore the color on your suede boots bought a black dye for Suede, nubuck and suede, Nubuk Salamander

Cordless telephone Panasonic KX-TGA671RU - function

Cordless telephone Panasonic KX-TGA671RU has no function to redial. If the called party is busy line, its number should

Domestos cleaning tool universal Coniferous 1L fresh - the smell can choke

How cleanser is not bad, but only use it in a closed bathroom at all unrealistic for instance, it has a terrible

Dishwashing W5

Commissioned by the European site cleaning for W5, concentrated. On the site, it was pointed out that this tool does

The renovated two-bedroom apartment

Did we repair two-bedroom apartment last year. Loved how he worked, and the quality of work is good. After repair it

The device is a vacuum canning Istok "Wax" - Great stuff!

The device is a vacuum canning Istok "Wax" is in its set of three covers. I close the lid any such bank with

Radio VT-3505 from the VITEK-excellent.

My husband recently bought our home clock radio VT-3505 by VITEK. The most important advantage of them for me was the

Bath Pillow "Flower" Multidom - convenient.

To stay the bathroom was even more enjoyable, I decided to buy a pillow for the bathtub, "Flower" Multidom.

Soap-remover Antipyatin

Soap Antipyatin helps me to fight even the age-old spots. Only need to lather the stain and leave for 15 minutes, then

Spruce Artificial Mag 2000 "Cleopatra" - a good alternative to a live Christmas tree

On holidays abandoned in favor of live Christmas trees artificial. We took a 1.5 meter high. It is a neat, symmetrical,

Stand cake with lid IKEA-good.

Cake stand with lid IKEA home thing is not essential, but I bought it. Now, apply cakes on the table is a pleasure, all

Pancake maker TEFAL pan bakes pancakes perfectly 4005522

long dreamed of, and finally acquired for himself a special pan for cooking pancakes. Slim and light! Excellent fries

Professional set of graters VINZER (Switzerland) - simply the best

Tell a set of professional graters, kitchen, he just saved. I use this for several months and did not overjoyed to

Fennel seeds company AGROS give a good harvest

What is this year, buy fennel seeds, the harvest is always excellent. Does not require special conditions,

Bags for making ice cubes PACLAN-summer, a very necessary thing.

All summer drink cooling drinks only iced. First enjoyed by other bags, but somehow bought the bags for making ice

Washing powder concentrate Reflect for Babies 650g - perfect washes things

Result washing is always half depends on the powder, the powder, I Reflect for Babies and children wash their

Packages for baking Bok-with clips with easy and delicious.

I understood that the packages for baking with clips is much easier than normal. I use the package Bok with clips. They

Slicer White Cat "Alligator", the little helper.

I used to use ordinary vegetable slicers, she was in a fishing line to pull the metal ring. It was very uncomfortable,

Lighter gas Wisen WB-5-excellent.

Those who have an electric stove without igniting gas lighter Wisen WB-5 would indeed be useful. My parents house is a

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