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Студія детейлінгу Virus - Review

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AvtoPremium Ford Tver

Visited - for the diagnosis engine (Ford Focus) Ford dealer in Tver - Premium Car Company - diagnosis did well, but

Car "Uncle Mike" St. Petersburg

Our car after the accident was. Already two weeks there. The husband went to pick up yesterday. Came angry, frustrated,

Dealer Avtovaz Orenburg

I own all known car VAZ 2110 is the third year. You know what the build quality of our machines. If possible, try to

Motor show "Ford" (Donetsk) - lousy service for big money!

Bought a car in the showroom and the service had to go here. Staff in general are not interested in clients only in

tire in Minsk Botanical "24h"

yes Botanical street tire, works 24 hours a day. But how? When behind Rabotnicki is the owner of the service, they

Pokryshkin, Rostov-on-Don - a long and expensive to serve ...

I was looking for winter tires. She went to the Pokryshkin. I called, booked. Three days later arrived, paid, the car

SRT BMW "Afterburner" STR. Labour, 6 - prices from the head space and

Service hideous though specializes in repair of BMW, to replace my thermostat at all stations of the city offered to

ATL Car Service in Poltava - working there amateurs

A few years used the services of the service centers. But after a change of leader is not clear what is happening

Kohler Salon Arcade Berezniki Perm did not do during the order.

I had to paint the door, ordered in the desired interior paint. They promised to do in two days. I arrive on time, the

Car-ATLANTA (Nikolaev) deceivers!

The first and last time retained the services of car-care center in ATLANTA. Nikolaev, str. Astronauts 61. There, I

Toyota Centre Ekaterinburg South - no claim will not be repaired

Buying in the center of this new machine, I'm a long time they argued that the machine I have faulty. Declare the

Theory of Relativity "Minsk - Lada" (Minsk) - a bad car wash.

At work, we have very often repair cars on the Theory of Relativity "Minsk - Lada", which is located on the

SRT "Dendro" STR. Budyonny, 11a - better to make the

called in on a hundred pre-call and found out how much it will cost a replacement alternator belt was told one price,

Car "VITO" s.Obarov Rivne region is deceiving people

I had my wife as we get to this car wash. Since healthy men have decided to cash in on the poor, does not understand

Motor show "Peugeot" in Tver

Deuce you guys for the job. For half an hour could not unscrew the nut fuel pump. Key among them are special do not

Normal fluid

Me this fluids, windshield washing fluid was advised by my good friend, who well versed in them. Even at different

Just saved me, otherwise say

Kinky guys! Incredibly helped me out, I went to stay with relatives in Vyborg from Moscow through St. Petersburg, St.

Tire in the South on the ring in the city of Tver

repaired once the wheels on this tire. Well done. Young, energetic, Russian repairmen.

A great online store 4Runner

It is not the first time ordering accessories and spare parts for their machine in this online shop. Everything is

Auto Service Wiest-Domodedovo

Car beyond praise. What is not repaired the car better than the service had not yet seen. Good relationship with

Works great masters

I went here for the first time. Quality of service is like. Master sensible, it is clear that with experience. There

body shop

Hello! In June 2015 addressed to Ford auto body service Cars. I needed to fully color the whole auto Focus 2 and to

A good car service

Wanted scratches on the car to clean up, decided looks a bit bend. My Nissan is pretty old, but still on a steady

Auto Service - Tire Service

Once again, the rules on your Ford wheels ("thank you" to our road services) are doing very well in the


I live nearby, so know the car well, he has repeatedly appealed to the boys for help. Recently passed maintenance. The

Carwash motorhome in Tver

Washed at a car wash in the motorhome m / d in the southern city of Tver. Inexpensive, high quality, like, recommend.

A good car service at an affordable price

Not so long ago addressed in autostudio eve old ( at the recommendation of a friend. I had to do

Avtolider West - car wash (Ekaterinburg) - quickly and efficiently

In the West there Avtolider service station car wash. I was amazed at how quickly begged my car at this car wash.

Car Service in St. Petersburg SRT "Fast and Furious"-like service.

Several times had to go to Car Service in St. Petersburg SRT "Fast and the Furious." Masters are working

Technology Service Center

The group of companies of Technology of Service and repair work in sales and service of equipment for service for more

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