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Antiperspirant Ultra DRY EN - Review

5 26.06.2016

Effectively fights then

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I want to leave feedback about your recent discovery - EN Ultra DRY antiperspirant. Advised me his colleague, when I complained about that to wash I now have a couple of times a day, since my husband and I in the summer very sweat. While we both often bathe in the summer two or three times a day, using desikama, but they are unfortunately not particularly effective. A colleague told me about DRY EN Ultra and shared the link to their website. I bought one bottle, it says that he and men and women fits, so I use two. Do everything strictly according to instructions and sweat really stopped! Now rarely use the tool. The manual says that it is subsequently possible even every 4-5 days to apply it and sweat will not. From us the best recommendations, it's currently the best means of sweat that we had.

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