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ПоксКлин -гидрогель при ветрянке - Review

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Vinovita useless drug

Mother, when venous insufficiency, prescribed the drug VINOVITA KAPMG №30, manufacturer of UNIVERSE PHARM LTD, KYIV, U

Pektolvan Phyto-thrown money down the drain

And there was a cold, dry cough, which did not give a lie, sleep, walk. Constantly coughing and choking could not clear

Antibiotic Ospamox

The child 4 years, there were raids on tonsils - the doctor prescribed an antibiotic Ospamox. Said that the antibiotic

Spray Rimonim didn't help at all when cold

The husband has a chronic runny nose, doctor prescribed nasal spray Rimonim, no effect from its use is not seen, cold

Miracle drug Smectite (Smekta) - is expensive, and no effect

Bought for the appointment of doctor of medicine Smekta. It is himself, not cheap, powdered medicine, which as written

Rectal suppository Анальдим

When my baby ill ARI, pediatrician attributed fever suppositories of Анальдим. After applying these candles tempera

Diclofenac-Darnitsa amp. No. 5 in 3 ml FF Darnitsa

Sore back, your doctor has prescribed pierce Diclofenac. The man in the pharmacy and bought Diclofenac-Darnitsa amp.

The drops in the nose "Sanorin" - nor any effect.

Not when previously did not know what the allergy, and that's what - that it manifested itself in the body. Mother

Reno Stop - nasal drops.

Nasal drops, I used Stop Reno for a week, and they burned my nasal mucosa. I do not advise to use these drops for the

Salve Kremen

Bought the ointment Kremen for the treatment of allergies on skin. Ointment applied 2 times daily for 1 week. To be

Drug Askofen-p

Painkiller Askofen-p does not cope with its function: very ill, took the pill Askofen-p, and, contrary to the promises

BioGaia, probiotic pills

The doctor prescribed her BioGaia, probiotic pills, once a day for pain in the stomach. After taking in the mouth

Candles Laferobion

When had my son the doctor prescribed antiviral candles Laferobion, one candle twice a day, exactly 5 days. We did

Vibrozil is not effective drops for children

Children's pediatrician has appointed 11-month-old son from a cold drops Vibrozil. Because the tool is not cheap, it is

Novinet-contraceptive with devastating side effects

Dear girl, carefully read the instructions on the use of contraceptives. After reading the side effects of

Antiseptic cream Boro Plus your first aid at home.

Bought at a pharmacy antiseptic cream Boro Plus. This cream can be used for any minor injuries or inflammations of the

сироп от сухого кашля

У меня сухой кашель появился в пятницу, впереди выходные за которые я перевела его во влажный и намного облегчила свое с

Mefenamic acid "DARNITSA" - an excellent febrifuge

Whenever there is a high temperature taking mefenamic acid, because it is in the body stimulates the production of

The drug SINUPRET (Bionorica) - has not met expectations.

As soon as winter came, my husband caught a cold, but the doctor gave him a drug SINUPRET, with reviews of the drug

Helped us to get pregnant.

For a long time my husband couldn't conceive a baby themselves, so turned for help to the reproductive system. Passed a

Gel for external use Naiz quickly relieves joint pain.

Gel for external use Naiz prescribed after a heavy bruise toes. Almost immediately after applying the pain subsided.

Balsam Golden Star - still remains the best.

This balm release from the Soviet era. It is no coincidence because there is no better means of a cold or headache.

Tools d / treat colds and flu Nurofen (Nurofen) Children's suspension helps with colds.

Nurofen (Nurofen) Children's suspension we prescribed for colds. This syrup has several variants of taste. In the

Aescusan Medicine, JENAPHARM GmbH & Co.KG - helps with varicose veins and the severity of the terrible leg

In connection with the work of walking, I became very sick calves. Excellent tablets against the severity of varicose

Tablets from allergies Alcee Ketotifen help me as well as expensive preperaty.

Allergy tablets Alsi "Ketotifen" I started drinking after the expensive drugs. Helped very well. Why drink

Kagocel tablets that really help.

In today's world without antiviral cannot do, because the shortage of time, reduced stamina and resistance strains

Форлакс - спасение от запоров

У меня за всю беременность ни разу не было запоров, а вот когда родила, начались проблемы... Еще в роддоме поняла, что н

Pain pills "Ketanov" - a great and strong medication

A couple of days ago, after a walk terrible headache. Not helping ordinary painkillers such as "Citramon"

Espumizan in droplets with him the night was much calmer!

Espumizan rescued me very much during the period grudnichkovogo! Kids, as you know, at this age is strongly concerned

Baby Calm Drops relieve the baby from colic.

Only those drops were more effective in the fight against colic in infants. Use them is very simple: the contents of

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