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Baby shampoo for long hair baby AQA - Review

5 27.11.2016

An effective tool for easy combing

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Share your impressions of baby shampoo for long hair AQA baby Kids 3+. First we used the usual baby means so I can compare how Aqua efficient. It's not about that he better washes his hair, though to it I have no complaints. The main thing – after applying the shampoo the child's hair is soft, smooth, do not get in a tangle and much easier to comb.
As explained by the manufacturer, this effect is achieved by the inclusion in the composition of wheat proteins. For the benefit of the condition of the hair and scalp and go natural extracts of chamomile, rose, violet and Echinacea.
Aqa gel-like consistency, with a pleasant floral scent. Shampoo foams well, is easily spread on wet hair, washed off easily. It is easy to use, the cap is not necessary to remove enough to open the cap, tilt bottle and lightly squeeze his side.
Suggest mothers whose daughters "are" long hair, to pay attention to the shampoo AQA baby Kids.

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