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Гель Сальвагин лечит вагиноз - Review

5 13.04.2016

Effective gel

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When I had symptoms such as burning, itching, discharge and unpleasant smell in the intimate area, I thought I had a yeast infection. Was self-medicating, but all attempts to cure himself were in vain. Nothing I did not help and do not for a moment eased my condition. Then I went to a specialist, then surely I was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, a gynecologist prescribe treatment. The treatment consisted of only one tool. This wonder tool is called salvaging gel. I was treated this gel only 5 days, but the result shocked me on the first day of use. Went through all the symptoms and even this horrible smell of rotten fish!!! I was pleased with the result and spared only one that is not addressed to the doctor immediately when the first symptoms vaginosis. However, the treatment is benefited and I soon got rid of the disease. Gel restores microflora of the vagina and kills bad bacteria. Part Salvagin contains natural antibacterial and antiseptic substance of vegetable origin. If you are using is not addictive and easily tolerated.

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