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Cream emollient Aqa Dermika - Review

5 10.02.2020

Emollient suit me and the quality and cost

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My son is prone to ATD, so emollients in our baby first aid kit just ordered. I have tried many creams, the ones that did not fit, was removed. Enjoyed those that have helped, mainly Mustela bought earlier. But the price of this brand, of course, for my purse is not loyal. Two weeks ago I saw on the Internet a novelty – a cream emollient Aqa dermika. Took it out for a spin and I must say - gave me and the quality and cost (225 rubles).

The cream is pleasant to use – no sharp affectionate smell (smells natural, not flavors), thick, but not gustosi, greasy easy. Grind and RUB it is not required, just apply on the problem areas on the body (peeling, scabs on the wounds, dry rough spots, etc.) and wait until he absorbed. Moisturizes the skin well, dry spots disappear fairly quickly, the redness goes away, the skin becomes softer to the touch and is cleared from solusek.

Sold emollient in a soft tube with a convenient hinged lid. Squeezed dosed, I regulate how much cream, too much is not popping up. The composition is perfect, in my opinion, nothing dangerous (fragrances, sulfates, dyes and similar chemicals) in it.
The manufacturer says that the complex Aqua dermika for step-by-step care of the child with atopic skin developed with input from mothers of allergic children and are manufactured under the supervision of German specialists. In the formulation of the cream - purified artesian water, hydrolyzed protein of goat milk, a unique hydrothermal asset, panthenol, sunflower oil and olive. 96% of the components that comprise emollients, passed the quality assurance Ecocert (a European organization that verifies products and confirming its naturalness and sustainability).
I emollient pleased, we will to use it. And will not now have to pay more for means for care of atopic skin only because of the brand.

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