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England football - Review

-3 20.06.2012

England national football team - no!

Looking match between England and Ukraine on football, I realized that England is now in disrepair and only class of individual performers can give her the result! This team won unfairly!

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HC Avangard (Omsk region.)

11 consecutive victories from 11 matches this year! Root for the home team and I hope that we will be champions!

Hockey club "Dinamo Minsk" - a worthy rival in the Championship League

"Dinamo Minsk" being not so long ago, underdog championship, but since the 2009 season showed the will to win

Basketball Club CSKA shows a great game!

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"Zenith" Saint-Petersburg - the best football team in Russia!

How great, "Zenit" played their matches against the "Miner" in the Champions League and proved that

The Spanish "Barcelona" - the best football club in the world!

"Barcelona" for several seasons, is the brightest and the strongest team in the world! This club is in very

"Real" Madrid - a great football team!

This football club has always been one of the leading positions in European football and remains on it until now. Royal

Football club "Dynamo Kiev" - the best team of Ukraine

Our family has long been a fan of the strongest football team in Ukraine, despite the fact that the time goes and

FC Real Madrid, Spain - the best football club of all time

last night watched a live broadcast of the match of the Champions League where they played our CSKA Moscow and Real

Donetsk "Shakhtar" - the best football team of Ukraine!

Progress of Donetsk football club just amazing. Finance invested very reasonable and the club is building a truly

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Real Madrid Football Club - a super club.

Who would not say, but I think that the football club Real Madrid is one of the best in the world. I regret very much

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