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England football - Review

-3 20.06.2012

England national football team - no!

Looking match between England and Ukraine on football, I realized that England is now in disrepair and only class of individual performers can give her the result! This team won unfairly!

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Who would not say, but I think that the football club Real Madrid is one of the best in the world. I regret very much

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Another productive game between Moscow "Dynamo" and "Spartacus."

Another productive match was played in the Continental Hockey League Moscow "Dynamo" and Moscow's

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Amsterdam, "Ajax" - the best Dutch soccer club!

This club is not only famous for its trophy, which he did not win quite a while! And, above all, his soccer school,

FC Dinamo Moscow

Dinamo Moscow Progress is surprising. After coming to coaching post Silkin team transformed before our eyes. Football

Football club "Barcelona" - The leader!

Barcelona, ​​not only the leader of the Spanish examples, but the whole of Europe. They are gaining momentum every yea

FC "Shakhtar" (Donetsk) - constant pressure its rivals

Ukrainian football club "Shakhtar" have recently stepped up their attacks are and always comes first in an

London's Arsenal - the best club in England

For many years, am a fan of Arsenal, I had already experienced all that is possible, but I care leaders, like no one

The Spanish "Barcelona" - the best football club in the world!

"Barcelona" for several seasons, is the brightest and the strongest team in the world! This club is in very

Denmark national football team - High-quality!

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Munich "Bavaria" - the third power of a football club in the world

I think that Munich "Bavaria," the third power of the football team in the world after Madrid

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