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FANS цветные мелки "Масляная пастель" - Review

-2 09.10.2013 | 09 October 2013 at 14:14

FANS цветные мелки "Масляная пастель"

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Bought my son in a magnet crayons FANS " oil pastels " 12 PCs. At first, I (and my son!) liked: juicy paint, bright colors, packaged in a small box at the snap on (very weak).
But in less than five days as the son broke all the crayons. And not that he did it on purpose, but simply they are very soft-hit a little harder, and at once a piece is broken off. And it is dangerous! In fact, a child can eat fragment chipped piece (if not getting ripped off — even nibbling at the pencil, the piece will be exactly), but it's chemistry! Here and to poisoning.
Draws a son until handles crayons threw, well at least a little more inexpensive cost 30 rubles.

Tags: FANS, crayons, oil pastels, draw, Pencils

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