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5 01.03.2011

For amateur and professional photography, a great store with great assortimentom.Tseny priemlemye.Opytnye consultants.

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In a computer store "DNS" (Krasnodar) poor service.

Recently, in Krasnodar came into computer shop "DNS". Large selection of products, many walk vendors

Grocery store "well-fed daddy" in Dnepropetrovsk - bad

Recently opened in grocery stores "well-fed Daddy," came in one view, experience is not the best, apart

"Good baby" Ust-Kamenogorsk

There are dresses, shirts, underwear, pants, outerwear for children from birth up to 10-12 years. Quality - is

In the store, "Building materials" (Maikop) is too high prices.

In the shop, "Building materials" (Maikop) selection of products for the building is large enough. Not far

Shop "Tsifrovik"

I do not like the staff. A broken webcam, which is out of service during the warranty period, checked on the service

Shop semi "Polesie" in Dnipropetrovsk - quite spoiled

One day earlier, when there was no time to cook something, go to the store semi-finished "Polesie", there was

Visiting bees Ust-Kamenogorsk

While I love the bee products, but rarely buy the store. Here inflated prices. The choice of goods, in principle, a

Catalog clothing Ellos - cat in a bag

There was a time when very much like to place an order, but after reading the conditions rejected the idea. A lot of

Shop Eldorado, Rostov-on-Don, cheat on the money, and completely misinformed

Buy washing machine out there, the disposal of shares. They told me so, that leaves just a penny. When brought the

Children's Shop, "The World of Childhood" Zaporozhye sellers have no interest in selling goods or help buyers

Is there a store on the Borodino "World of Childhood", what it deals with the seller, I do not know, but

Bookstore "book" in Dnepropetrovsk - it is now possible to find a solution, even for repairs

Just the horror of what has become over the last couple of years, a great big book store in our city. Much of the area

Lapland and Fink (Ekaterinburg) - there is no choice

Shop sells children's clothes Finnish. There are very few shops that sell Finnish clothing, but this store is

Shop lingerie INCANTO in the SEC "Aura" - for you do not sew.

I am the owner of the magnificent forms of nature (5th dimension). But problems with the laundry never occurred. In the

The sale of the modem in Beeline Connected

Home Internet needed urgently. Bought a Biline modem connected, which included a certain number of MB Internet. As a

Hardware store "Noveks", Novosibirsk, Karl Marx Avenue, 37/2 - for those who can afford it.

At the hardware store "Noveks" you will find a poor selection of the necessary funds for the house and

Shop avosek! Very original and eco-friendly

Recently my friend has shown a cool store, it sold only shopping bags, but a variety. Of the various tissues with

Shop Fix Price

Shop, where all for one price £ 36! The choice of product is very big! There is everything: office supplies, household

Calzedonia (Ekaterinburg) - a great selection of socks, hosiery

shop I really like the fact that you can buy from the ordinary to the pantyhose with a variety of designs, from the

Autoshop "Avtokuzov" in Dneporpetrovska - good service

Once it became necessary to change the number on the car, began to look for where to go and we were advised this store.

Shop "Living For" in Maikop, convenient and a great choice.

Shop "Living For" in Maikop just recently opened. Large living area, a lot of different furniture.

Hobby-hypermarket "Leonardo" in the SEC "Aura".

I am a creative person and I love tinkering something with their hands. And in the hobby superstore

Shop "Zebra" in Dnepropetrovsk - there is a wide choice of colors

Always if you want to make repairs, paint or embellish something, go to the store "Zebra." A huge palette of

Цветочный магазин №1 в России

«ЦВЕТЫ.ru» - современная доставка цветов в Москве и по всей России. Уже 7 лет мы доставляем отборные букеты по Москве, М

TM "Chyna Krajina" st. Radishchev, 3, off. B-404, Kiev, Ukraine - a breath of vitality.

It is impossible to enumerate all the teas sold in the shops TM "Chyna Krajina." Run away from so many eyes.

Chain stores "Fixed Price" - all for the life of 36 rubles.

Chain stores "Fix Price". In Moscow, the number is approaching fifty. All products at a fixed price of 36

Paparazzi in Nikolaev - wonderful photo shop

In this store you can buy any photo equipment, and is not in stock, delivered under the order. Vendors will provide

Shop steel doors "Door" (Karaganda) - and a large assortment and the prices suit

Shop amaze with their variety: the choice is large enough. So also picked up a quality product - a very good door. I

Shoe Shop "Buburuza" in Tiraspol great shoe store.

If I need to get beautiful, quality shoes I buy it in store Buburuza, which is located in our city. This store large

In the shoe store, "Ata baht" in Maikop large selection of good shoes.

Shoe Shop 'Ata baht "in Maikop attracts buyers system of bonuses and special discounts for members of the

Shop hats AVenue, city Rubtsovsk, no one will leave without buying

recently discovered a new place to shop in the city of Rubtsovsk - Salon hats AVenue. Here, each week bringing a new,

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