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5 01.03.2011

For amateur and professional photography, a great store with great assortimentom.Tseny priemlemye.Opytnye consultants.

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Vegetable shop on Avenue Miners (Karaganda) - spoiled vegetables

No matter how many took the vegetables in the store, they always spoiled: peremorozhennye or stale. The owner of the

Shop "Sekondhend Planet" (Nizhny Novgorod) - except for the loud name, nothing of interest

In the New Year holidays went to the "Planet Seklndhend." This shop is even advertised on television

Computer shop "Sirius" in Dnepropetrovsk - the arrogance amazes sellers

I had to somehow need to apply to this computer shop for servicing the computer, and pay, but ran into this attitude to

Shop "Europe" in Maikop too high prices.

Shop "Europe" in Maikop I remember a rather big price. Expensive everything. The range is large enough. Not

Shop home appliances "Electric power" d Vitebsk Ave Builders, 4 - horrible consultants

Was going to buy their plasma panel, during the campaign and sales, so the consultants moved aimlessly around the store

Department of Calvin Klein in TC Gallery (St. Petersburg), very expensive!

Do not going to cry, but let us think a bit about the clothing brand and the price of nih.Mir I will not change, but

Shop Electronics "Shock" in Kharkov - expensive!

This store electronics and home appliances dominate crazy prices! Products are sold much more expensive than other

Shop Enter (The Messenger)

That's my husband and I decided to buy this TV in store credit. Shop in our city novelty, a newly opened service

Shop doors from the company "AVES" ave Ispytateley, 29 k.1 St. Petersburg - do not believe estimates

repair started in the apartment with the entrance door of the order. Came to the shop door from the company

Shop "All the weight" in Dnepropetrovsk - commission goods, junk for low prices

Honestly, I do not understand those people who descend to the order to go to these stores and rummage through Kuchugury

People net in Nikolaev - both good and bad

I use the services of People net, as an Internet service provider for nearly four years. During this time, I was happy

Chain stores "Children's World" (a store in Korolev) - cramped and stuffy!

Live from the "Children of the World" just around the corner, but is forced to go to another children's

The store in the ENZO LOGANA Taldome - disgusting service

Twice a year, buy shoes only at the store and each time amazed, picks up where the leadership of such an incompetent

Mini-market, "Student" (Karaganda) - price is definitely not for students

Convenience Store is located opposite the main building of the Karaganda State University. Students set. Revenues in

Hardware store "Noveks", Novosibirsk, Karl Marx Avenue, 37/2 - for those who can afford it.

At the hardware store "Noveks" you will find a poor selection of the necessary funds for the house and

Shop "Golden Apple" - cosmetics and perfumes from A to Z

Large selection of cosmetics and perfumes from toilet paper for five rubles. to face cream for 20,000 rubles. Prices

Shop "atlantic" in Rostov-on-Don, beautiful lingerie.

Very good shop, a collection of frequently updated, there are always discounts, are often held shares. Pleasant

Отличные товары

Решила купить себе стартовый набор именно в этом магазине, так как много слышала о нём от подруг, которые перешли на эле

Shop "son Daughters" (Moscow) - a great selection of clothing for children at affordable prices

The store just a huge selection of children's raspashonok and sliders (from the simplest to the holiday), bonnets,

Shop "The Bella" in Vladikavkaz cozy as your own home

shop with a diverse range of products and friendly seller with whom you can talk not only about the product. In the

Department / not a standard shoe / .magazin on ul.Koroleva Tver

Not a standard obuv.U who is very large or small / My wife has a problem 32/stalkivaetsya pokupki.Kogda this department

Shop at MC Garizont in Rostov on Don, "H & M"-the best.

I am delighted with this store. You can dress up everything, and girls and boys and babies. When I walk into the store,

In the store, "I myself" (Maikop), you can always buy a good sewing machine.

We went to the store recently, "I myself" (Maikop). They sell a lot of sewing machines and overlock from

Shop "Book House" from Tiraspol - there is everything.

This store opened in our town for a long time (since he can remember). Of all the bookstores of the city - this is the

Shoe Shop "Buburuza" in Tiraspol great shoe store.

If I need to get beautiful, quality shoes I buy it in store Buburuza, which is located in our city. This store large

Shop "Megasport" Dnepropetrovsk - sporting goods for every taste

Recently my husband and I wandered into a sports shop, there were a couple of good hours, but not in vain: her husband

Megumi Japanese cosmetics - a huge selection.

Megumi - Japanese and Korean store cosmetics and household products. Huge selection of goods for every taste and purse.


Great sports shop! Now there is the sale of certain goods at a discount 70%! All there!

Shop Shop artist Barnaul

A very interesting store. A lot of products for both beginners and experienced artists, and even for those who love

Baby shop with European products for children

What could be better for this woman than shopping. And for pregnant woman it becomes an even greater outlet, only more

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