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Garnier Olia - Review

-5 26.02.2014

Garnier Olia 8.0 Blonde

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Now I want to tell you about my bad experience hair coloring paint Garnier Olia 8.0 blondes. This paint I saw in a colorful advertising on TV and was very interested. As claimed by the manufacturer of paint Garnier, this innovative technology of dyeing ,because instead of ammonia in the paint used oil(and oil in the paint 60%,and this is natural and flower). Also on the box clearly States that the paint is not just a stain your hair,but also significantly improves the quality of hair. And here I am, суперпотребитель cosmetics,decided to try this wonderful new product. By our standards, this paint is worth the price categories in the middle between colors Loreal and Wellaton,you can judge what it costs inexpensive - 67 000 thousand, I chose the color blonde is on the box from the back side of the tone of colouring the result I am satisfied with my hair color is light brown. Coming home, I распаковала коробку.Меня pleased volume of paint(it was very much),the smell was not ammonia and pleasant flower, and in the bag were excellent glove,made fit my рукам.Но I was glad not for long. After you paint I am for faithfulness covered the head with a polyethylene bag and waited for the result. Wait for instructions had 30 minutes,but when I looked in the mirror,I saw absolutely no изменений.Хотя no changes были.После I washed her head and abundantly inflicted on hair conditioner,much of my hair was left on my hands and tub. I was in shock from this situation,because my hair fell out in General,and the paint that had to improve their condition,and not Vice versa. And an even bigger shock I experienced when dried hair-they were hard as a straw,and not stained completely,even one tone not have brightened. Therefore, dear girls,if you decide to dye your hair,then in any case, do not buy this paint,as the hair she does not stain at all,and if you want to be deprived of them, or make soft obedient hair rough sponge,which I fly masks for the third month,then forward.
A manufacturer shame!!!.

Tags: Garnier J, Hair Care, rinse, Garnier

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