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gel lubricant Aktivert - Review

5 03.02.2015

Gel Aktivert helped to conceive (review)

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We have a problem with conception until recently, was particularly acute. 2 years never had a chance. before the new year learned that there is such a special gel lubricant Aktivert that promotes conception. The gel helps to prolong the viability of sperm, improves the microflora for conception. Decided that no harm in trying - to try. Worse becomes, and suddenly happens. Bought secretly from her husband. Injected gel before PA too secret to husband didn't suspect anything. Worried that will be too wet during sex, but okay. Husband took this as my Hyper excited state. By the way, the gel does not affect the excitation and does not increase the sensitivity. Not to be confused with viagra for women or something like that. The process was as usual, nothing remarkable. In the package two of a tube of gel. The second introduced the day after the PA, in order to prolong the effect. And waited.... Two weeks later did not come monthly and I went to the pharmacy for the test. Believe it or not, but the test showed two stripes. There you Aktivert!

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