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Gel for cleaning the baby, Our Mother. - Review

5 09.09.2016

Gel for cleaning the baby, "Our Mother".

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I during pregnancy did not buy anything in advance, because I heard that it's bad luck. All-everything from diapers to a stroller, I bought my husband while we were in the hospital.
When we were discharged, we waited for a dressing table, cluttered with funds for child care, I bought everything he was offered at the pharmacy. Most of the production was the company "Our Mother." The first thing I have used is a gel for cleaning.
I liked the texture, the gel is not very thick, so is easily distributed on the skin, good foaming, easy to rinse. It smells nice, but not overpower the natural smell of the child, which was important to me, because the fact a pungent smell indicates the presence of artificial flavors. The gel cleans well, prevents irritations and diaper rash, it does not desiccate the skin itself does not cause allergic reactions.
Used the gel all the time until my daughter always wore diapers, and this is almost a year and all this time was enough for one bottle. Was very pleased with the Gaelic in particular, and products of Our Mother in common.

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