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Peeling gel Please - Review

5 10.10.2013

Peeling gel with glycolic acid Pleâna

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Long looked for a way to be able to do effective peeling on your own at home. Searched and found-glycolic peeling gel Pleâna. Its concentration of 10%, so it can be used alone and not to be afraid, that with the skin something happens. Of course, the technology of respect. Gently apply light strokes to massage lines, avoiding the eye area and lips. Pleânovskij peeling cannot be compared with anything else. After the first application of the noticeable effect on the skin. And after a course of skin is renewed completely. Soft, silky. Even complexion, dark spots disappear (I have had acne on the Chin as much skin is clean now). You can however use the peeling gommage for delicate Peeling, the effect would be stronger. For themselves decided that if I want to be beautiful, then it is not so difficult. Important to use the correct tools.

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