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Troxerutin 911 - Review

5 29.07.2020

Gel rescues from fatigue and heavy legs

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Leave a review of foot gel Troxerutin. Appeared in our kit, he quite unexpectedly. The moment came when coming home from work, has become very concerned about the feet. Not sick, but incredible gravity racked. Plus the night would occasionally cramp up legs. Started reading on the Internet tips and recommendations. Understand that the need to keep feet elevated at night, be sure to do contrasting pouring and baths. Plus, you can use various ointments — gels, ointments, rubbing, etc.
The pharmacy was advised a few, chose the price and composition is Troxerutin. Series 911, the packaging of the blue-and-white numbers and red cross. Packaging 50 ml plain plastic tube. The consistency is medium, quite usual for a gel color is yellow. Pleasant, not sharp scent of menthol. Apply gel in the evening after I took a shower. Gel first as it slightly cools, then there are no sensations.
But the most important thing that I note — gel relieves the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs. After application becomes much easier. I will definitely use and recommend can.

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