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Hygienic filler Chistyulya Sand - Review

-5 02.04.2013

Hygienic filler Chistyulya Sand

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I never thought that the choice of cat litter will be for me a problem. Try one - mineral hygienic cat litter Chistyulya Sand with lavender fragrance. Usually choose fillers granules medium or large, this time it was decided to buy a small fraction. Means I do not like it. The most significant advantage of this tool - low cost. However, on the filler sand reminded me that is completely free to score on the river bank. Crumpled filler bad. Absorbs moisture worse than other fillers. Naturally, the filler on the legs spread in the apartment, this honest manufacturer warns. Sticks to the pan, so remove lumps formed not work, you need almost every day completely clean the tray, wash it and replace the filler. A lot of dust, cat sneezing constantly. There is no desire to experiment further by buying the products of this brand.

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