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Drops EDAS-111 Passionflower - Review

5 08.02.2020

Goodbye insomnia

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Good time of day. Recently there was a strong stress at work so I had to work late. The day I felt disgusting weakness, slight dizziness. All this is due to lack of sleep. It was hard for me to fall asleep at night, spinning for hours and eventually fell asleep after midnight. Therefore understood that further so it will not work and need to act. The pharmacy was advised EDAS -111 Passionflower as a means of subsistence and without side effects. Is inexpensive, so I thought why not try.
To carton, where is the bottle of liquid. The smell is not sharp. According to the instructions I took 5 drops, three times a day. Was dissolved in teaspoon of water. Smells Valeriani but no Intrusive smell. Also I have added Hiking at a slow walk before bedtime and not watching TV. After a week I noticed improvement but continued to drink on. On the third week I felt better. It became easier to fall asleep. I want to summarize) Drops liked it, but it is necessary to drink a course as they have a cumulative effect

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