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DRYRU Light - Review

5 11.06.2016

Great fights then

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Can't say that I suffer from hyperhidrosis, but in the summer I have quite sweaty feet and armpits. I have recently bought our home EN Light DRY antiperspirant, and I want to leave feedback about your experience using it. I bought and sweating I forgot. Enjoy now one to two days in the future, as I understand it, the need for it will arise even rarer. By the way, it is very low cost, it long enough, is another plus. Also like that it has no odor, traces of it also leaves.

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DRY EN Foot Spray feet without sweat and odor.

I do not know for whom, and for me this topic has been relevant for a long time, so funds have tried a lot. With TM DRY

Men's Deodorant Axe Dry - 100% protection against odor.

My wife bought me a new Axe Dry deodorant and I from him just thrilled! I work in a factory and you know that after the

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