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Groprinosin tablets - Review

-3 04.10.2014 | 04 October 2014 at 15:38


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Horrible side effects from propanamine. I had lost sight, when saw them. We had to cancel.

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Ordered the husband to the clinic pills Sinupret " Bionorica " in Ukraine, he has a runny nose the second week did not

Meloxicam-Ratiopharm 15mg/1.5 ml, solution for injection.

The doctor prescribed her Meloxicam-Ratiopharm for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis after the second injection mom

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A week ago, my son got sick. He started snot and lethargy. These are the first signs of the flu. The pharmacy told me

Pharma Science pills do not help.

My child is strongly swayed in the car, if the trip lasts more than an hour, nausea and vomiting, we provided. I also

Lasolvan-inefficient cough medicine.

When our one-year-old daughter started coughing, pediatrician prescribed child cough syrup Lasolvan. Used it for three

Diazolin from "Farmak" (Ukraine) - causes drowsiness

I do not have allergies, because antihistamines are virtually absent, but occasionally there are situations when no

Pills att long don't help.

Bought pills att long since succumbed to exposure to advertising. To start as soon as the cough, but during the 5-day

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Ointment "Solcoseryl" trademarks MEDA, was bought by my sister, on the recommendation of the attending physician as a

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Bought a "Tangina" from Bittner (Austria) and realized that the money spent in vain. It doesn't help at all. Even my

Furamag medicine fails to cure cystitis and causes severe nausea

Furamag medicine, which I recommend, unfortunately, does not help cure cystitis causes such severe nausea that I could

Visine classic - doesn't help

Often work at the computer, respectively tense and tired eyes, to evening look very tired, red. Bought "visine",

Crespar from Bayer's just a nightmare

Antifungal set Crespar from the pharmaceutical company Bayer consumer ker AG, Switzerland is something horrible. I

Balm for the wounds of "ER" does not help with skin lesions

Balm for the wounds of "ER" I bought that for various skin lesions do without irritating alcohol solutions

The gel nimid, Nimesulide, Kusum Healthcare, India

For pain in the knee region, in addition to the pills the doctor prescribed to lubricate leg gel Nimid by opening the

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Erespal (EURESPAL) from Servier (France) - coughing like a hand lifts

always know yourself that if you start coughing, then recover from it costs a lot of effort and time. I found the most

Kalanchoe juice as nasal drops and a couple of days nasmotrka quite as usual.

I found the best folk remedy for colds. It helps for a couple of days. The main catch a cold as soon as the nose

Отличный препарат от мигрени

Думаю те, кто сейчас читают мой отзыв о Номигрене, тоже хорошо знакомы с мигренью. Я наверное не одна ведь такая. А мигр

Prostamol Uno capsules N30. Manufacturer: Berlin Chemie AG, Germany. Help!

This German quality! Help very well, even with chronic prostatitis! Retrieved on his own grandfather! Instantly


Недавно врач назначила мне пропить месячный курс флебавена, меня беспокоили отеки в ногах и боли, препарат мне очень хор

Tablet Fusys from KUSUM HEALTHCARE PVT.LTD. - Works quickly

If tortured fungus of the genus Candida is possible when you and your partner need to take a closer look to the drug.

Easier to cough becomes

If the cough is not treated, it is quite possible after some time passes, and why not. Just how strange not to pay

cures cough

Eucalyptus ointment from the doctor Tissa enjoyed by the whole family, and keep this medication in the mandatory in

Форлакс - спасение от запоров

У меня за всю беременность ни разу не было запоров, а вот когда родила, начались проблемы... Еще в роддоме поняла, что н

good medicine

She is from the provinces, therefore with chronic hepatitis b manage traditional old drugs. The effects is incredible.

Tool for removing warts and corns "Ferezol" from Lubnyfarm eliminates warts.

To remove papillomas advised me for removing warts and corns "Ferezol" from Lubnyfarm. The tool works well.

Zinc ointment LLC "Ternofarm" helps to diathesis

Do not think that the zinc ointment may help to diathesis, but at the time of the first manifestations of the disease

Спасли при потере голоса

После новогодних праздников осталась без голоса, в горле ощущалось першение, сухость. В аптеке приобрела пастилки Исла М

Candles Laferobion from "Biopharma" - good

When a child is ill, the pediatrician advised me to buy a baby, such candles containing interferon. Although the

An ointment for cold Dr. Mom helps with cold symptoms.

An ointment for cold Dr. Mom very helpful for all forms colds. We use this ointment for many years. There are essential

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