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Средство Grunwelt для мытья полов и поверхностей - Review

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Plastic food containers IKEA Jamka - bad

They do not like me at all. When buying a whole set sold, individually could not buy. Not that they are fat is bad

Cleaner "magic plate"

When every day prices in the shops are getting higher and higher, the will-nilly start looking budget. Decided to try

Bar set Berghoff Straight 6 subjects, the quality is lame.

My mother gave me a set of Berghoff Straight Bar 6 items for the kitchen, her gift to me very much, but in the end it

Disposable pads in the bra Medela bad

I do not like them. They are expensive, sold two pieces, the quality is bad. They do not have enough for a long time.

Barometer Assistant AH-1001 - not exactly show the temperature

bought, thought to be the most accurate "senoptikom", but no. We have two old barometer on alcohol, so they

Washing powder "Biolan" (hand wash) - you will be re-wash

I bought a washing powder "Biolan" for hand washing. No effect. Powder bad foam, no pollution washes.

Tea Set Yoko Hissan - very expensive

The service is of course very nice, looks bagatenno, but to drink tea with him, even when the guests when they come to

The Fairy gentle hands

Absolutely not like liquid dishwashing Fairy gentle hands. Literally a drop of money creates a rich dense foam and

Softener Lion freshness of the day with the scent of pink flowers 720 ml - an unpleasant sickly smell

I do not like the smell of my air conditioner after using it all the linen has a sharp smell of the so-called pink

Wall panels Home collection

I bought a wall panel with 5 hooks Home collection, wanted to use a napkin. And the price was cheap, but fell off the

Bank of bulk products, "Summer Day" (China) - can not see how it is food.

Mom home all dry products are stored in the bank for the storage of products, "Summer Day". It is roomy and

Cleaner Sano (Sano) to care for ceramic tiles is not effective!

Cleaner Sano (Sano) to care for ceramic tiles badly struggling with spots on the ceramic plate of burnt food. Stains

A set of TM «Win-Win» glass salad bowl with plastic lid Wave 3 pcs - awkward

Salad «Win-Win», though small in size, but weigh them well, in addition to plastic cover does not close tightly, and t

Emsal carpet cleans poorly

To clean the carpet shampoo for carpets purchased Emsal (Ems). It gives a fresh well, gives a good lather, but even

Strange Roulette powder Ariel.

I do not know, but with the quality of the powder that is not explicitly to.Kazhdy just buy and wait for the surprise.

Wool Felting

My girlfriend is a long time these crafts, through which you can create a very amazing things, such as toys, jewelry,

Acrylic Wine Glasses Granchio 88,754 Siesta - beauty and convenience

fashion glasses I bought recently from acrylic, simply amazing green color. In appearance they are just like glass, but

Chair "Oscar 06" Pinskdrev-perfect chair.

In my old friends (classmates), home chairs Pinskdrev "Oscar-06." The first time I was at her house, I just

Bowl of ice cream Pasabahce Cam San Aysvil, it's nice of her to eat.

Cool bowls for ice cream. Made of glass quite good, stable and transparent. What I really like is thickened stem, which

Tool Dalli Duo 2 in 1 for ease of ironing starch + 400 mL - an excellent tool

It is a tool for ironing shirts helps to cope with her husband when their turn comes to stroke, it is effective

Detergent TM "Dreco" black pearl, 1,5 l - a good remedy for dark things

Wash dark things trust means a liquid black pearl, it is very effective washes things, while retaining their color.

Ariel washing gel for 100% of the standard machine of "Procter & Gamble" - just a class

This is the best liquid synthetic detergent, it is perfectly suitable for machine and hand washing. Wash them as bright

Termochashka Vitesse VS-1639-good quality.

At work I use termochashkami Vitesse VS-1639, I really like it. They are original, beautiful design, comfortable to

Beech Wood Bread "Aries" - excellent bread stores

wife specifically bought a wooden bread bins, because in the old, plastic, bread quickly blossomed. And in this - the

Отличное средство UNICUM

Мытье посуды для меня, как для мамы и жены, это так же как пойти попить воды. Я как домохозяйка готовлю и мою посуду 3-4

Bin BK-2318-convenient, due to the presence of the pedal.

I'm on the job is trash BK-2318. This roomy bucket, and it is convenient to use because it has a pedal, so I never

Detergent Sanoks

Very good detergent - paid, waited and washed. Great washes all kinds of dirt. Without the efforts and quickly. And the

Glasses high "MAJESTIC" - beautiful and look very good

I took these glasses a friend as a gift: looks nice, and always useful. When a friend put them on the table, I knew

A set of Luminarc Cotton Flower tea - nice chaevat

Set is excellent, I think the best meal for tea just did not find. The set includes six saucers and six cups a pretty

Cleaning gel for plumbing "SARMA" - a good cleaning agent.

Now for the cleaning of the bathroom I buy a cleaning gel for plumbers "SARMA", I am very pleased that this

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