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5 01.12.2011


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Winter came, and it is immediately reflected on the lips. They were much drier than in summer. Here it comes to the rescue and it is - my favorite lipstick. Hue is of course a subjective choice, and excellent wetting and ease of application like everyone! I highly recommend.

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Liquid Lipstick «Revolline» (Revolin) - do not risk your lips

I bought a liquid lipstick «Revolline» (Revolin). It seems to be firm at the hearing, but did not expect to run into s

Помада Pupa New Chic

Very not pleased with quality lipstick Pupa New Chic. I have a color called Rossetto # 18, nûd is completely different,

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Lipstick Oriflame 100% color ordered from a catalog, loved shade "nut praline." Rouge did not like at all, it

Lipstick Dzintars Kredo Lux - is not stable!

Lipstick Dzintars Kredo Lux I did not like. Cap of it fell into the first day and cracked, it was very fragile. Itself

Lipstick on Faberlic

Lipstick "Double tempted" by Faberlic, wonderful peach color (tone 4450). Shade of lipstick is not as

Lipstick-trendy 3-in-1

Lipstick-trendy 3-in-1 in hue 24064 " Coral trend " I would be interested in Oriflame its bright

Lipstick Oriflame Visions Brad

Lipstick Oriflame Visions Brad (Brad Vizhins Oriflame) is oily texture on the lips looks terrible, even slipping in the

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decided to try something new and I bought myself a liquid lipstick Oriflame Clickit's consultant, she is quite liked

Lipstick "Energoblesk» Oriflame Beauty Power Shine (Oriflame Beauty Power Shine) - not impressed ...

Lover of lipsticks I am not, but the lipstick "Energoblesk» Oriflame Beauty Power Shine (Oriflame Beauty Power

Lipstick 100% color from Oriflame (Oriflame) tint Nude Pink (Pink Nude) - sorry about the choice in favor of it

I Lipstick 100% color from Oriflame (Oriflame) shade Nude Pink (Pink Nude) did not like. In a tube of lipstick looks

Lipstick Oriflame 100% color

Lipstick 100% color from Oriflame has acquired recently, but as it turned out the right decision. On a cold and frosty

Rich Lipstick by AVON - leaves much to be desired

First, the palette in the catalog to buy a lipstick just is not needed and so did not need to look at the color on the

Lipstick Art visage

I was given a lipstick Art visage saddened quality, as it is not consistent. For example, in the morning before work

Lipstick Luxury Visage, Belarus - Strongly desiccate the skin of the lips

I never would have never thought would be that the lipstick can so overdry lip skin. That is the lipstick company

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick

Maybelline ColorSensational lipstick got me a gift. She didn't like me that has a strong sweet smell and very visible

Lipstick "EnergoBlesk" from Oriflame - created for holidays

Lipstick is absolutely amazing. Tiny particles of glitter creating nothing less than gorgeous effect. Of course, not

Lipstick Oriflame pure colour - cheap and cheerful

I bought a lipstick in Oriflame, a series of pure colour, shade coral Rose. This lipstick is far from perfect, without

Lipstick "Energoblesk" from Oriflame - has a pleasant texture

lipstick Energoblesk have been using for two years and is very happy with it, especially the nice creamy texture, which

Lipstick "EnergoBlesk" from Oriflame - the quality worthy of attention

What I can not afford to refuse, so this is a good make-up, particularly in lipstick. I prefer lipstick

Lipstick "Fleur" (USA) - fits well, lasts a long time

long time use lipstick "Fleur", the last few years other brands do not take it. Why? If the "Fleur"

Lipstick on INFINUM - enjoy

've never heard of such a firm as INFINUM. But ventured out and bought their lipstick, and was very pleased.

Lipstick, "Love Story" by Oriflame - a chic lipstick!

I just love lipstick "Love Story" from Oriflame. Of course, first attracted the attention of its bright

Lipstick IsaDora "Perfect Moisture Lipstick" moisturizing - hydrates is well!

Lipstick IsaDora "Perfect Moisture Lipstick" falls perfectly moisturizing on the lips. The color lasts a long

Lipstick Maybelline "the Color sensational" - has become a favorite

Up to this permanent lipstick enjoyed a lip gloss lipstick or liquid lip. After Maybelline "the Color

Lipstick Pearl Maybelline seduction

Good lipstick at an affordable price. It keeps well, is not slipping. Enjoy a pleasant smell, color and delicate pearly

Lipstick "pink gold" - looks pale and beautiful

I like this lipstick immediately liked as soon as I saw it in the catalog of products from distributors of cosmetic

Resistant Lipstick on Velvet Touch Gosh - exquisite color, soft texture units

Lipstick at 5 plus. The main advantage: a huge selection of colors, there's even a lipstick the color of the

Lipstick Mary Kay

Perfect Lipstick, a wide range of shades. Very pleasant on the lips. No slipping, no spreads. Virtually no smears. And

Lipstick "Magic Colors" from Oriflame - very stable!

Lipstick "Magic Colors" from Oriflame - this is a wonderful cosmetic product from this company. For myself, I

Lipstick "EnergoBlesk" from Oriflame - like

Despite its cost so little, that her lipstick is completely justified in my eyes, have never regretted buying it falls

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