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student clinic №20 Kharkov - Review

-5 12.01.2014 | 12 January 2014 at 16:01

Kharkiv student clinic №20!

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To say that I am shocked by this institution is to say nothing! It was like this: I have done in Kharkiv and passed the medical examination in the hospital, and after that I was put on record urologist (stone 3 see in the kidney). Naturally, I went to inspect a few times a month and at the end of the first year doctor-urologist gave me an ultrasound of the kidney. Said that in the kidney stone 5 mm.... of course,I am not a doctor, but a little realize that three centimeter stone itself cannot go. When I told about it to a doctor - he shouted at me and said that I am not a doctor,so that has to be silent. Well. Quietly for me, it was the second and half of the third course, I occasionally went ultrasound to this doctor. One day, I came to accept, but my urologist told on the phone, so he said to descend into the ultrasonic office itself that the study made a nurse there. I went. When the nurse started to do ultrasound-she broke off and left the office,a little later with her in walked a man, as it turned out later, the head physician. They started yelling at me that I was so bad, launched his kidney. Is this stone stuck in the ureter, I complained to the urologist in pain,but he said that this is the norm for почечник. Chief doctor went to the urologist to the question "Why not been recorded diagnosis hydronephrosis, because the size of the kidney 16 see instead of 12 spoke about this?" he said "I thought this pathology!" (although before the size of the kidney generally 10 see was). In General, because of this negligence, I moved 3 operations (two kidneys, one on the ureter) and spent five months on treatment. Time passed, after the operation in a normal hospital I'm really recovered (30 kg) operating surgeon said it's OK (swelling of the body), but just in case you need to refer to an endocrinologist. And well I pulled him to go again in this Kharkiv student clinic №20 ... Reviews of the doctor-endocrinologist, to which I got was very positive and I was glad. I took in a lot of different tests and, finally, the problem was diagnosed diabetes type 2 diabetes, hypoglycemic syndrome. (blood sugar - 0.79). She gave me a 6 month course of treatment and a strict diet. The first month was all fine, but then I started to feel unwell, slept for 16 hours a day, almost fainted. Went to the endocrinologist: she said that this is a normal reaction to these drugs, because they are strong,but I never did. In General, what would be on the safe side I went to another clinic at the reception. When endocrinologist saw my diagnosis and prescription, he was in shock. Is this valiant "best" endocrinologist student clinic gave me the drugs that sugar is lower. Now I am being treated at other physicians and if you honestly can't understand how all these people are allowed to work. I in medicine understand much better than they (and I actually Bohemian specialty), had heard many bad about this clinic. Probably the only thing they fit is writing a fake certificates and exemptions. In this, perhaps,will finish his story. .

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