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Venatosaurus tool Venerus. - Review

5 28.12.2016

Helps keep blood vessels toned.

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Varicose veins is a very unpleasant disease, especially when you learn about it during pregnancy, especially when anything can take, and delivers such a pregnant varicose a lot of problems, like discomfort in the legs, cramps and swelling, which the gynecologist berates you constantly. I have and it did. The doctor assured me that after birth everything goes. But it got worse. Whether the load is large (the baby was restless the first few months), or heredity (mom has varicose veins, too), but it got worse. Because the breast I nursed, then started taking (on the advice of a phlebologist) Venerus. This is a boosting tool, which strengthens blood vessels and prevents varicose veins to develop further and to destroy the walls of blood vessels. Packaging there are 60 tablets and 30 tablets. I buy full course 2 big packs. Take the following scheme: 2 tablets daily for 2 months. Then recommended break for 4 months and again course. Now I started a second course of treatment. During the first training for my swelling, pain ceased, and night cramps also stopped. During the break, the symptoms have not returned. Pleased with the reception Veneruso, I will continue to take to again back a nightmare.

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