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Retinol palmitate - Review

5 30.07.2020

Helps with seborrheic dermatitis in treatment

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Suffer unpleasant disease – seborrheic dermatitis. Often used for the treatment of natural remedies containing tar or sulfur. These funds provide short-term effect, so I started to look for a new approach to treatment. Was looking on the Internet and came across an article "Therapy of seborrheic dermatitis of the scalp" in their research used for the treatment of solution of Retinol palmitate.

Learned that retinyl palmitate is a natural for the body form of vitamin A. Therefore, do not hesitate to ran to the drugstore for vitamin. Bought 50 ml, it is sold in a cardboard box in the pharmacy immediately warned that it is necessary to store in the fridge. The solution in the jar of dark glass, in a box also have manual. Treatment the beginning of the traditional ways, plus the night combined therapy with a solution of retinol palmitate inside, once a day. Positive dynamics was already visible on day 10. The solution itself is oily, no odor. The most important thing is the effects took 2 months.

As well, I came across this scientific article, I could not think that the problem I have is lack of vitamin A. the Fat content of the hair decreased, the crust on the head healed faster than usual, expect a long effect.

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