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Homeobox tool for voice restoration - Review

5 10.11.2016

Want to return to the voice - try Homeovox

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This is the fifth year I have been working in kids ' summer camp, where one of the organizers. We work a lot, just live one of our joint business. For children we make up a very active program that includes performances on stage, elocution, singing, dancing and sporting events. In General, after 5 days all of our leading remain without votes - too much invested in this case)) That we are with them just not try to bring the voices and different folk remedies, and invited the teacher of scenic speech, to learn how to properly manage the voice and not tearing it. But still, the "right" to say it turns out not at all. And we have to work. One of our vocal coaches recommended that we try to treat Homeobox - product to recover the voice. Pharmacies no analogues not suggesting that there are only medicines for the treatment of sore throat. So what options do we still not there) In General, we bought Homeoboxes in full, each of our leading were given a package and we started treatment. The instructions for the treatment is necessary to dissolve 2 tablets every hour. What we did under the supervision of our camp doctor. Some guys managed a couple of days to remove completely hoarseness, others a little less fortunate, but the voice is gone!! And we were able to close the first shift. On the next shift, we grabbed Homeoboxes in advance and handed out to our counselor as a prevention package. The bottom line is, Homeobox works, and very good. And honestly, I don't know what we would do without him doing) I Recommend!

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