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Children's creative camp Constellation the suburbs - Review

5 13.08.2018

Want to share feedback about the camp that loved my daughter.

Before I send it only to camps closer to home. My daughter has already traveled to a camp near Moscow. This summer I sent her in the creative camp of Constellations. Back in the spring we went to the open day. We were shown the camp, showed the room in which the children live. The camp I liked, sociable and friendly. Director Julia answered all the questions.
I was immediately won over by the location, because we grandmother lives in the same area (Shchelkovsky district). Thought will go to her daughter on the way to grandma's.
The area is large, a lot of interesting things on it. Pleased with the presence of pools. There are playgrounds for sports competitions. There is a scene. Fitted fire place.
My daughter lived in the room alone with a girl. Room clean, comfortable. Wet cleaning was carried out by housekeeping daily.
My daughter really liked the food, her favorite pilaf was several times per shift. Said everything was delicious.
I like that in the camp the children almost no free time. Busy day today, busy with events and master classes.
Events versatile, not only acting the scenes, and sports competitions were held.
The daughter chose what she likes. Brought home certificates.
Camp phones are banned, many are afraid of it, but in vain. Given a graph, it is possible to call up and communicate with the child. We talked on the phone every two days.
Parent days in the camp there, but you can come and see the baby. The camp area will not be allowed, but the child can go to the clearing before the camp. The daughter said don't need to come, she's busy getting ready to tarball, to videos, to the concert.
I saw the daughter did not want to leave camp, although the change was two weeks (apparently not enough this time). She parted with her friends with tears.
Now they often call each other, some of the kids live near us and they walk together. Now they're starting to agree on what place to go next summer. I'm glad my daughter has found friends. She often recalls the camp, the counselors and evening lights.
Camp Constellation was satisfied and we and daughter. In the spring we will be booking again a place in this camp.
And just yesterday, my sister bought her son a ticket to the latest summer shift "Chronicles of Narnia", with a discount of three thousand rubles. Says, there are still a few vouchers. Here is the best offer out.

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