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Протаргол-лор - Review

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Lemsip - chemistry of high concentration

, Hot in pursuit, so to speak... Ill treated colds oddly enough, the funds from the cold. Husband brought "Lemsip

Drop "Lymphomyosot" not cure eczema

Problems started with the hands: itching, blistering, bleeding and fractures. The pharmacy was advised to buy a drop

Watch out! Phenazepam!

With prolonged use of the drug, which is a highly tranquilizer, any person becoming a "vegetable." At the

Nasal spray Dr.Theiss

When I got sick with a cold, bought from a cold on the advice of a pharmacist pharmacy nasal spray Dr.Theiss. To me he

Side effects of the drug Fitosed

When my daughter refused to eat, and I was very nervous about it, then my husband brought a sedative Fitosed. Two hours

Travis pills are not effective

Appeared dry, irritating cough throat. I bought over the counter pills to dissolve Travis. The manual was written that

Remedy for allergies Suprastin

Are recent terrible allergy to chocolate, expressed in migrating through the body rash. Never before was not allergic.

Loratadine - medicine "tricks"

Pills loratadine Farmak, Kyiv is absolutely a waste of money, I'm as allergies with experience talking. This drug does

Painkiller "tempalgin" (TEMPALGIN) - somehow spoiled: (

Recently, I was often disturbed migraine. Saw "Citramon." Once I treated this pill greens - help quickly and

Linex capsules - why pay more?

Several times I had to do the operation, and after each there was a huge need for probiotics. Linex capsules is

Zitrolid forte pronounced side effects

Last year was treating bronchitis antibiotic Sumamed. Again this winter colds and complication - bronchitis. Assigned

Rinazolin children allergy

Recently, my youngest daughter, who is currently 8 months, there was a cold. The doctor prescribed us Rinazolin drops

Loratadine tablets "-Ctoma" are not valid.

During the may flowering herbs I have exacerbated by allergies, have to buy imported antigistaminnoe, but its price is

Syrup NUROFEN Nurofen

Heard a lot of good things about the syrup Nurofen , but my child at him allergies, although no other signs of Allergy,

Solcoseryl dental paste

Solcoseryl appointed physician for healing after surgery on the gums. I did not help, ointment from her very much and

The Mukaltin (Mucaltin)

The child had a cough were treated, all fashionable and expensive drugs which were prescribed by a doctor, but the

The drug SINUPRET (Bionorica) - has not met expectations.

As soon as winter came, my husband caught a cold, but the doctor gave him a drug SINUPRET, with reviews of the drug

Balsam "root" of the Siberian Healthcare Corporation - removes the heat

The child has a fever, a cold in kindergarten. While waiting for the doctor, rubbing his double-balm "root"

Nice price and great quality

Stretching a tricky thing, like nothing hurts, but it is in the lying position, but only one has only to stand up, and

Реслип справится с бессонницей.

Когда уезжаю в командировку по работе, всегда беру с собой таблетки реслип. Это снотворный препарат, который помогает м

The drug helped Ursohol with bile stasis

I was diagnosed with bile stasis, and said that the bile I have very thick, and if nothing is done can form stones in

Save arthritis

Smear the sore hands arthritis of the hands, quickly reduces inflammation and pain. Cheap. The downside is that not all

Держит подагру "в узде"

Когда врач сказал, что у меня подагра, сразу объяснил, что есть дешёвый аллопуринол, а есть дорогие азурикс и аденурик.

Thrush is not refundable

I confess that when my doctor for the treatment of thrush among other things prescribed capsules Maxilac to restore the

Convenient bottle, useful syrup

Thank you to the developers, the syrup helps and good packaging. Dosing is convenient thanks to little neck, not PLWHA

Alferon - treatment and prevention of viral infections

All of these SARS and influenza need to be treated and recovered to the end, otherwise there may be complications. I


agent for inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract (rhinitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, etc.) There are three

Positive effects from taking Lipoxen, which is not in the manual

Hi all. Today I will write a review about the drug Hypoxen. The name speaks for itself, it is antihypoxant and

The syrup helps to cure cough

Gerbion accepted on the recommendation of his therapist. Self-medication has never worked, and I want to warn that it

A good remedy for chicken pox

I have chickenpox in childhood and have not been ill, I thought pass me this note, but no(( my Daughter brought the

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