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Formigal - Review

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Cough syrup, Langes 50 mg/ml

The doctor-to-child when appointed cough syrup, Langes 50 mg/ml JV "sperco Ukraine after the second dose, the child

Anti-allergic pills Suprastin

For the treatment of seasonal allergies, the doctor recommended that I Suprastin. After taking the drug felt some pain

Allergy to "Livarol"

There are candles against thrush (vaginal candidiasis) - "Livarol" called. They praised my friend as a very

Gelomyrtol Forte POHL BOSKAMP

For suffered from sinusitis doctor prescribed Gelomyrtol Forte POHL BOSKAMP, on the second day of use after taking the

Captopril-Darnitsa many side effects

Tablets drug Captopril - Darnitsa I bought their grandmother on the recommendation of her primary care physician for

Midokalm Gedeon Richter has not helped

Tablets Midokalm" from the brand Gedeon Richter , took on purpose neurologist after a shot in the back. Now no effect,

Spray from the company OROMER SCLaboratoarele Medica - waste of money!

My daughter is often exacerbated pharyngitis. She rinses do not like. I had to buy for the topical treatment spray.

Smectite can cause the baby constipation.

The child was cut tooth and relax chair. On the advice of the pediatrician gave smectic three days. The chair is really

ArtroStop - no product!

This product is designed to make life easier for our locomotor system, but with his task he clearly can not cope.

Hylak Forte Drops

Took drops Hylak Forte, as it was necessary to restore the gastro-intestinal tract. For a long time took an antibiotic

Awami nasal spray

Awami nasal spray doctor has prescribed from allergic rhinitis. He had little help from allergies, edema was not for

Candles "Analdim"-do not help

They took a sample of children in the candles' Analdim. " The temperature does not knock, but analgin

Noksprey nasal spray - effective when cold.

Recently bought a spray from the pharmacy Noksprey cold, after a few times of using the result did not receive any,

Drops for oral administration, Corvalol N, Farmak

Suffered pain in the region of the heart, insomnia, doctor-neurologist appointed to take drops of sage 15 drops 3 times

Valerian not soothes

After using VALERIAN tab. 30 mg №100, production MEDICA, Bulgaria, appeared incomprehensible anxiety and p

Foul Maltofer chewable tablets Vifor Switzerland - increase hemoglobin

At delivery blood count revealed that I have low hemoglobin. The doctor advised to do biochemical analysis of blood,

Помогает быстрее победить ковид

Знаю, что при коронавирусе нередко для облегчения течения болезни назначают уколы Дексаметазона, мне повезло, врач пропи

A good tool

I liked pills Sage from the Natur Produkt, bought when the throat tickle the beginning, the tablets should dissolve.

Balm mikoseptik "Hamgaalha" from the Corporation Siberian Health - in a few days the fungus cures

Start going to the pool and as soon as the problem - a fungus of the foot! What should I do? Fortunately I remembered

Not noticed any difference with imported insulin, I was approached

Hello to everyone who decided to read my review. I want to share my experience with the use of insulin Ringler. To

A great analgesic

So enjoy, if you are experiencing pain. Though the head, though teeth, even when women's pain. Always works for me.

Nasal spray Galena / IVAX Corporation, Nasobek. Can be used during pregnancy.

During pregnancy, constantly pestering cold. Yes, even something really drop anything. The doctor has written a tool

Forlax - salvation from constipation

Me in the second half of pregnancy, began to suffer severe constipation. I thought I had to get out of them... In my


Take Azurix for more than a year. Pills better at controlling uric acid. Pain in the joint I have not had for seven

Tablets from allergies, "Citrine"-really help allergies

I'm allergic to pet hair from childhood, I have tried a lot of drugs, mostly they caused side effects or

Metrogyl Denta Gel 20g gums, gums do not bleed!

Sometimes, faced with the problem of bleeding gums and inflammation, probably from lack of vitamins! And when I start

Novalima - my salvation

I say that gastritis is a disease of students. And how here not to get morning a Cup of strong tea or coffee, at lunch

Children's Panadol from GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals SA is well knocks the heat in the cold.

When my daughter was prescribed Panadol cold and bought a tool for the treatment of colds and flu GlaxoSmithKline

Tantum Verde, an excellent remedy for sore throat

In follicular tonsillitis really helped me cure Tantum Verde in solution, while I was nursing the child and could not

Prostatilen AC - faceted assistance.

When it is impossible to conceive a child for certain health problems - still easier, at least know what to treat. Our

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