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Антисептик Лаврик Lavrik - Review

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Bought at the pharmacy an expensive remedy for insect bites mosquitall spray. After applying insects really stopped to

Nasal spray "Noksprey"

Long suffered from a cold, and after his recovery was a little cold. Purchased over the counter spray called

Toothpaste Chantal silver ions

A few months ago I bought a sample of toothpaste Chantal mikroplomby effect. The I really liked it, so recently decided

Remedy for pot " Formidron "

To deal with increased sweating of legs in the summer heat, decided to try the sweat " Formidron "

Aqua Maris without application instructions

Good tool for washing and irrigation of the nose from the firm Aqua Maris, JGL JADRAN Galenski, Croatia, with salt

Clever Chek Blood Glucose Meter TD-4209-did not like.

Recently discovered that my grandmother's high blood sugar, so I had to buy the meter. Initially, we stopped at

Sanitary pads Molped Dual Active Protection Normal (Molped Dual Active Protekshn) - cause discomfort

The first impression of sanitary napkins Molped Dual Active Protection Normal (Molped Dual Active Protekshn) was

Floss "Oral-B"

I do not recommend flossing "Oral-B", if there be any allergies. Thread soaked in some minty gum composition

Ultrasonic humidifier B.Well "turtle" and I was disappointed with this purchase

Several years ago I found allergic to dust. I started to receive antihistamines, but over time they became my sum. In

Another joke pharmacists.

Watched a lot of advertising of tablets from Smoking Sopharma tabeks. Bought in a drugstore packaging and began to take

Dropper LLC"PLASTERED" ill let the liquid

Dropper LLC"PLASTERED" that I bought, hardly passing fluid and have enough length to comfortably could make the

Mouthwash Listerine Cool Mint, Johnson & Johnson (Listerine cool mint, Johnson and Johnson) - money down the drain

Mouthwash Listerine Cool Mint, Johnson & Johnson (Listerine cool mint, Johnson and Johnson), both for me - just a

Plasters for medical use Santavik poorly kept on the skin.

I bought at the pharmacy adhesive for medical use SANTAVIK. This patch prevents a small wound from infection. But with

Toothpaste Perioe A-Alka Action against caries with microgranules 150g - ineffectual

On the advice of a dentist bought toothpaste Perioe A-Alka Action against dental caries. But propolzovavshis it nearly

Lekrolin eye drops do not help.

Lekrolin eye drops, I bought to remove inflammation of the eyes, with the possibility that their disease is prescribed

Medical thermometer Microlife MT 19F1 - a good thermometer.

I decided to finally buy an electronic medical thermometer Microlife MT 19F1 once again crashed ordinary. Sorry had not

pharmacy 9-1-1

My mother and I often buy in the pharmacy. There is not only a wide selection of products, but also baby food, baby

Inhaler Microlife NEB 10 New (nebulizer) is effective in treating colds.

Inhaler Microlife NEB 10 New (nebulizer), we only have a couple of months. Excellent unit with the presence of

Cotton buds I am the most charming of the Company "Cotton Club" - fine quality

Excellent cotton swabs, for hygiene are indispensable, easy enough wool not wound tugenko slazit and unwinds itself

Really Good pharmacy!

Of course, the title of the social "Good pharmacy really deserved. I'm tight with work, not enough money, and sores of

Gaskets Bella Panty Aroma Fresh Daily 20 units - cheap and good quality

I prefer daily pads Bella Panty Aroma, I like their price and quality. I take them more than a year and I was attracted

In the cold, saves me a balm "Lifeguard"

One day in winter, standing in minus 40 and wind at the bus stop for a long time (there was no minibuses, buses every

Gaskets Vuokkoset 100% BIO normal daily 28 pieces - easy

Daily gaskets, in principle, not bad, at least until nothing wrong with them was not observed. Good shape, quite thin,

Reklinators ortopedichnsky RO "Trives" T-1778 - saved from back pain

I have back pain often makes itself felt low back pain. As it was my sister, back hurt for a long time, she suggested

Gaskets Ola! Solar wings normal daisy 16 ps - the reliability of machinery and equipment

Seals good, I like their shape, it fully follows the contours of the body are attached quickly and easily, have good

Infrared Thermometer Medisana "FTO" - happy with your purchase

We decided to buy an infrared thermometer Medisana "FTO" because the children in the family is a very handy

Gaskets Always Ultra night duo with wings 14sht - the most reliable

This pads have full confidence, I know for sure, they will not let you down. Especially like their absorbent layer

Cefaly helps with migraines

Share your opinion about the wrap Cefali that I actively use for more than a year. Bought for myself, because get

Toothpaste Logodent sensetive - super!

The other day, my friend brought me this toothpaste, made in Germany, and we have sold. Logodent sensetive has all the

Toothpaste Lacalut asset, a good pasta!

A good toothpaste, good foam! Normally whitens teeth, freshens breath. Not too menthol taste quite nice! Gums from it

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