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Сыворотка Double Serum от Clarins. - Review

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Gel for the skin around the eyes IAF GD "The kingdom of flavors" - No effect except for the smell of parsley!

Gel for the skin around the eyes IAF GD "The kingdom of flavors" contains an extract of parsley. This is my

Hand cream anti-aging Nivea

From tap water I dries the skin on the hands. After reading the description and composition of creams from several

Cream "Biocon" moisturizes skin

The cream, which I use often, in-store and seller recommended buy eye cream "Biocon" (producer of "Medical Spa" Biocon

Cleansing Mask series from Planet Spa Avon (Avon Planet Spa on) - I do not see the effect

For me, a series of products from a series of Planet Spa Avon (Avon Planet Spa on) is always a bit of a holiday. Lately

Gel scrub Garnier makes skin dull

I bought a gel scrub Garnier Fruit Energy (Garnier Fruit Energy) because of the beautiful colors, pleasant aroma. At

Moisturizing Eye Makeup Remover by AVON - ophthalmologists would be in shock

Yes, this means an unobtrusive scent, soft texture, and it removes makeup well, but if you get into your eyes - look

Garnier micellar water

Of all means for the removal of make-up prefer micellar. But foolishly decided to save a little and instead of his

Cream souffle facial SPA African exotica from Avon - I did not like.

I did not like to use the cream soufflé facial SPA African exoticism of the Avon. The very application of such a mass

Concealer Max Factor is not for summer.

My eternal problem - pigmented spots on the face, Yes they have a distinct brown color. The acquisition of Foundation

Freeman bad moisturizing mask

Took for intensive moisturizing mask Freeman Goju Berry (Freeman goyu Berry). It has a pleasant smell, good

Cream Black Pearl expert

Bought my mom a gift facial cream from 56 years "Black Pearl", she is very actively used, but to say that direct a

Face mask AVON - no

Moisturizing facial mask "Treasures of Brazil" with the acai extract from the Planet SPA from Avon - no. Well struck,

Garnier B.B. Cream не впитывается

With all due respect to cosmetics Garnier, this cream was very good. Garnier never produced cosmetics, see "

Garnier lotion for make up removal

Tool Garnier skin naturals lotion for make up removal acquired as a control question on the etiquette met my needs -

After shave balm Some

After shave balm Active Compass,75 ml made in Bulgaria I bought for my husband as a means to care for skin after

Light cream for oily skin

I have never been surprised by this new product. As the second cream from this series, he became for me the next

Shaving Gel Gillette Series Sensitive Skin excellence

For several years my husband buy shaving gel Gillette Series Sensitive Skin. I do not know how my husband managed

Отличный крем

Совсем недавно по совету подруги (она у меня профессиональный косметолог) познакомилась с кремом для лица Армадин Бьюти.

Serum restriction since Estee Lauder Idealist - a deluxe

It tightens pores, matting the skin and if I use it constantly, then gradually fade dark spots. When the inflammation

After Shave Balm L'OREAL Men Expert Hydra Sensitive for sensitive skin - a good one.

My husband has sensitive skin, creams and balms so we buy special. Now my husband uses after shave balm L'OREAL Men

Night Cream Nourishing the "Clean Line" - good food, no fat

I like the fact that after using the no shine on the face, but despite this, the cream quickly removes the effect of

Cream-Mask of the Eve Lom - a pleasant aroma and refreshed face

I really liked the cream mask for the face of Eve Lom, which takes care of the wonderful person. But this

Night face cream "energy. Perfection" Avon Anew

Good evening to all readers ... let's Talk)), I always used the night the cream that day, but because learned that the

Happy Seven Makeup Remover (Evelin) - very happy!

I tried to chance and was very pleased. A very good tool. Removes makeup quickly and accurately, the skin remains soft

To be beautiful ...

Great Grandma method, I want to share it. Home "tonic": in a glass of warm boiled water dissolve 2 teaspoons

Facial Scrub "Clean Line" - cleans the skin.

Using this scrub can be quiet, home-making peeling skin. A very good tool and is not expensive. Scrub is really soft

Cream Pure Line "Licorice, and Echinacea" - A great cream!

Face Cream Pure Line "Licorice, and Echinacea" liked my mother. It lies on the face evenly and very thin,

After Shave Gel L'Oreal Hydra Energetic Ice effect - Excellent tool!

After Shave Gel L'Oreal Hydra Energetic Ice effects buy her husband. As promised in the advertisement, the gel

Ochischayuschee kremoobraznoe credctvo for litsa Solutions From AVON cleans the skin well.

Ochischayuschee kremoobraznoe credctvo for litsa Solutions From AVON Very ponraviloc me! Prekracnaya koncictentsiya

Alignment Maybelline concealer with vitamin E

Tone Cream, in principle, justifies its stoimostblesk certainly appears during the day, but solely on the nose. To

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