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Аренда автомобилей в Испании SOLO Rent a Car - Review

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Yalta Ukraine - can not be called beautiful place

Architecture is clearly suffering. All the houses are old, without any style and imagination, chaotic and scattered

Spanish dirty and clean beaches

Last summer went to Spain, Barcelona. Was struck by грязнота beach. Sand with some debris, contaminated sea, there is no

Lower Volga Embankment (Nizhny Novgorod) - will be removed when the blue fence?

Lower Volga embankment - one of the most beautiful places in the Lower. But for more than four years, it is all covered

The historical center of Nizhny Novgorod - winter does not go, do not get

In Nizhny Novgorod, a lot of beautiful places, our pride - the historic center. In the winter vacation tourists come

Botanical Garden, Tver

Over the weekend, the first time I visited the Botanical Gardens, in the opinion expected more. Not very impressed,

Cathedral square in the city of Vladimir

Cathedral square in the city of Vladimir is listed in guidebooks as one of the sights of the city. However, nothing

The dirt on the Emerald lake (Kazan)

Every summer in the hot Kazan days going with friends to relax on your Quarry lake, the second is known as the

Sormovskiy Park (Nizhny Novgorod) - the dominance of the carousel and snack bars

Before the park was proud Sormovskiy Lower. It really was an island of beauty and fresh air: pine, fir, like the forest

Gatchina, Leningrad region.

Less of a beautiful place and, in my opinion, very important - the feeling that all just forgot about it. Along with

Chelyuskintsev Park, Minsk - requires cleaning.

If you decide to poshelestet autumn foliage, it is better not to walk in the park. In addition to foliage in their

Valentine Avenue in the city of Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine) - the gathering place of all the homeless

The idea of ​​the city authorities, uniquely, has been positive and dalekoglyadnoy - to make the most beautiful avenue:

Center Eupatoria (Crimea, Evpatoria) - has turned into a market

Maybe as a child everything seems happier, but the center of Evpatoria I remembered another: spacious, fresh air (for

The area around the NSC "Olympic" Kyiv - in a terrible state

Every day, walk around the NSC "Olympic" and feel the horror. After a month of EURO 2012, and near the

Krasnodon stone quarry - was turned into a trash

This man-made body of water can be said. In the 90 years spent here quarrying, but stumbled upon a vein of water which

Island khortytsia is drowning in garbage

Pride and one of the main attractions of the city of Zaporozhye, Khortitsya Island looks horrible in places, de rest

The village in the Krasnodar Territory Mezmay beautiful and unusual.

Mezmay Village is located in a wooded valley between the mountains on the site of an ancient lake. In the opposite

Starry sky in January of Varadero, Cuba

absolutely wonderful night sky over Varadero Cuba! Together with the ocean surf and pristine white sand - a wonderful

Around Goritsky Resurrection Monastery picturesque places.

When traveling along the Volga-Baltic Canal was Goritsy stop in the Vologda region and the restoration and recently

Krivoy Rog Botanical Garden is a beautiful place

in the city of Krivoy Rog is the perfect place to relax, which we visit family, it Krivoy Rog botanical garden. In any

Cape Chameleon in the Crimea (Ukraine) - fully justifies its name

Only visited the Cape, you can guess from its name, I was incredibly surprised and fascinated by the beauty of the

Chersonese (Crimea) - the ancient ruins at the sea

Personally, I find it hard to imagine a place more glorious and beautiful than the old Hersonissos. It was once a Greek

Freedom Square in Harvoke - the most beautiful!

This beautiful town square in the center of the city is the second largest in the world that have commands respect. In

Chain Bridge, Budapest, Hungary - just dazzling look, especially at night

We arrived in Budapest in the year and among other delightful places I remember the Chain Bridge, through which we

New Jerusalem Monastery outside Moscow - the perfect place for your trip

One of my favorite places in the suburbs. To travel on the weekend - a perfect option, especially in early autumn.

Embankment of the Volga in Nizhny Novgorod is beautiful

who recently returned from a trip, Nizhny Novgorod, where the evening walking through the Lower Volga Embankment. There

Moon Valley, p. Bondarenkovo, Kerch, Crimea - a unique, therapeutic, unique in Europe mud lake

Older volcanoes in recent years, the Crimea emit small fountains of dirt and useful recently been formed Mud Lake. But

Monument K.N.Batyushkovu one of the most visited in Vologda.

Monument K.N.Batyushkovu Vologda is situated on the bank of the river. Vologda Vologda Kremlin opposite. Installed on

"Golden Bridge" in Florence

«Golden Bridge» (Ponte Vecchio, XIV c) across the River Arno in Florence is one of the most unusual buildings that I c

Beaches Varadero Cuba

Very beautiful beaches in Varadero! White sand is the smallest in conjunction with the azure ocean - a miracle!

In "Dante's Gorge" in the Hot Key in the damp heat and cool, very krasvoe place.

Dante visited the valley during the tour. It is located on the southern outskirts of the Hot Key on the territory of

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