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Аренда автомобилей в Испании SOLO Rent a Car - Review

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A monument dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the electric light Vologda dubious landmark.

Recently walked in Vologda and saw a monument dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the electric lighting of Vologda,

Lower Volga Embankment (Nizhny Novgorod) - will be removed when the blue fence?

Lower Volga embankment - one of the most beautiful places in the Lower. But for more than four years, it is all covered

Ilyinskaya Street, Nizhny Novgorod

Ilyinskaya Street (Nizhny Novgorod)-one of the oldest in the city. There are very beautiful old buildings, were-because

Uchan-Su (Crimea) disappoint

Summer vacationing in Yalta, and since I wanted to see the highest waterfall in Crimea, have decided to go to the

The historical center of Nizhny Novgorod - winter does not go, do not get

In Nizhny Novgorod, a lot of beautiful places, our pride - the historic center. In the winter vacation tourists come

Recreation Area "Golden Sands" (g.Topar) - swimming is forbidden!

Recreation Area in general has been shut down after it became aware of pollution toparskogo reservoir. But nothing like

Gatchina, Leningrad region.

Less of a beautiful place and, in my opinion, very important - the feeling that all just forgot about it. Along with

Summer Garden (St. Petersburg) - after the reconstruction has become worse

We were not in the park 5 years, during which time he managed to reconstruct and, unfortunately, fairly spoil.

Livadia Palace - a small and dull

That every time we are in the Crimea / fall in the Livadia Palace to take a walk through the solar path. He, of course,

Island khortytsia is drowning in garbage

Pride and one of the main attractions of the city of Zaporozhye, Khortitsya Island looks horrible in places, de rest

Tunnel of love, Rivne region. Pecking.

To see the tunnel of love in Pecking we train. The station is located between the towns of Rivne Pecking and Lutsk.

Park "Sunny Island" in Krasnodar has lost its former well-groomed and attractive.

Park "Sunny Island" in Krasnodar is one of those places where you could relax on the waterfront. Previously

Lake Svityaz, Ukraine, Volyn region - a very expensive

Lake of course great, they say it is even therapeutic, because a lot of water, glycerin and various minerals. And there

October Square in Nizhny Novgorod - is not it time to upgrade? ..

In this area we have in common are the important events, but the form of a very homely October. The fountain, which is

Trip to waterfall Sochi 33

My brother is not very liked by 33 of the waterfall-" beautiful " near Sochi. To get to these falls

The Dead Sea - a miracle of nature!

This is a fantastic place unique. Humanity should be happy that we have places that are full of medicinal properties

Rest in Crimea (Continued) Swallow's Nest.

So. Even in early childhood, I saw a picture of "Swallow's Nest" at Yalta. Since then, to see this

Yuesyu Park (Yuexiu Gongyuan) in Guangzhou, China

Great Park is located on the square in the center of the city. Let's start with the fact that the park is a lot of

"Mirror Stream" Kharkov - gorgeous!

"Mirror Stream" is located in the heart of our city - ul.Sumskoy. This monument is striking for its beautiful

Marble Cave in the Crimea - the most beautiful in the world

My dream has come true, I saw the most beautiful cave in the world! The spectacle is simply stunning. Mother Nature has

Monastery "Savvateva deserts" and "Church of the Sign" on the river Orsha

There are all the same in our Tver region beautiful places that energize, inspire peace and umirotvorenie.Odnim of

Journey to Torzhok

magnificent city in the Russian hinterland Torzhok.Puteshestvie leave no one indifferent!

Lake hukou in the Caucasus beautiful and mysterious.

Were raised to a height of 1740 meters, on top of the ridge, where there is one of the most mysterious lake in the

Moon Valley, p. Bondarenkovo, Kerch, Crimea - a unique, therapeutic, unique in Europe mud lake

Older volcanoes in recent years, the Crimea emit small fountains of dirt and useful recently been formed Mud Lake. But

34. The nature park "Deer Streams", Russia - impressive hanging bridges

Park itself is quite large, I do not think we had time to see all his wonderful places. Most liked hanging bridges,

Calais, Bakhchisarai, Ukraine - The most interesting place in Crimea

Calais - an ancient fortress city in Bakhchisarai, amazingly beautiful place with an interesting history. It is worth

"Lovers Walk in Ethnopark" Karaganda

This alley was created specifically for Valentine's. On each bench, wrote one of the virtues of humanity

Gutman Cave Latvia, Sigulda - Attraction

Very beautiful place, this is not seen anywhere else, limestone cave with a red tint is the largest in Latvia, with the

Arabatskaya arrow on the Sea of ​​Azov - the creative thrill of nature

Arabatskaya arrow only in the world a long sand spit 112 kilometers! This makes it unique, but also in the fact that

Around Goritsky Resurrection Monastery picturesque places.

When traveling along the Volga-Baltic Canal was Goritsy stop in the Vologda region and the restoration and recently

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