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Шампунь и гель для душа AQA baby Kids 3+ - Review

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Quick drying and silnopahnuschih napkins "Casper"

Wet wipes should always be there, because you never know where and under what circumstances a child can get dirty. For

Nappies Pampers New Baby (New Baby Pampers) size 2 (3-6kg) 94 pcs. - Proceed

My baby diapers Pampers New Baby (New Baby Pampers) size 2 (3-6kg) 94 pcs. did not come all the time and the child was

Not baby shampoo Johnson's Baby

Having read the shampoo, wash them did not dare 1-year-old kid. But (do not disappear as well) washed them down

Allergenic wipes Johnson's Baby

I do not recommend to use in caring for infants Wipes Johnson's Baby (Johnson's Baby) "without

Japanese diapers Merries - flow

When a son was born, began to use diapers Merries, they are gentle, soft to touch them one pleasure. But have always

Baby Shampoo with camomile Babydream Rossmann

The next time my visit in Vatsons I saw the baby shampoo with camomile Babydream Rossmann in an interesting bottle of

Подгузники Huggies Classic

Baby diapers Huggies Classic decided to buy in order to save money, as they are much cheaper than other types of

Шампунь Aroma Happy Baby плохой

For the kid took the special Aroma Happy Baby Shampoo (aromatherapy Happy Baby). Contrary to the inscriptions on the

Diapers TM «Merries» XL 12-20 kg 28 pieces - made the right decision and decided

I decided to take me to a previously unknown brand of diapers «Merries» for his crumbs, but made the right decision. T

Baby powder Kapitoshka "Ltd

By purchasing this baby powder for my baby, I was disappointed. When I opened it and started to use as directed, then

Shampoo «Johnson's baby» with chamomile 300ml - do not recommend for kids

Shampoo «Johnson's baby» the most advertised and sold almost everywhere, believing the advertising and I bought it f

The Johnson's Baby shampoo

The Johnson's Baby shampoo with lavender, which helps to sleep, my son acted exactly the opposite. This means on care

Comb with a brush of 3 months "Rattle" from Lindo (Lindo) - is dangerous for children

Well, the fact that the bristles in the brush for children from 3 months of artificial and harder my toothbrush -

Napkins children "Eared nannies" wet cleaning - sticky

used for some time so baby wipes and I left them dissatisfied, they were too wet, also after them, and hands, and the

Diapers Pampers Sleep & Play

We decided to try Pampers Sleep & Play. Price they have the lowest of the entire line of Pampers. But unfortunately

Bubchen baby lotion with chamomile - and perfect for adults!

It was the first beauty of my baby, but I had it so to heart that we have used them for two. Especially like the sweet

Baby Cream "Chanterelle" a bad-cream

Baby Cream "Fox". Disadvantages: absolutely not cope with the dry skin does not heal diaper rash, has an

Antimicrobial soap gel "Ice Age" (HBO "Elfa") - the child clean.

This gel soap protects your baby from germs for a long time to cleanse and moisturize his skin. It has a pleasant

Baby wipes, "I most beloved baby" of the «Cotton club» - low price and excellent quality

Newly bought in a drugstore baby wipes "I am the most beloved baby" of the «Cotton club». From birth, we have

Diapers Huggies Naturemade Girl 4-8 kg 54 pcs - the quality speaks for itself

Diapers Huggies Naturemade some of the best, they are very high quality, it is clear and to the touch and the way they

Diapers Huggies Ultra Comfort 5, 12-22kg 15units - the best for an active toddler

Before use, the other diapers, but try this, you just have to take them. The child was active, a lot of moves, such as

Children's Toothpaste "Silca Putzi" Banana - A child like that!

Children's toothpaste "Silca Putzi" Banana I tried myself. The taste is pleasant and not cloying. After

Baby Diapers Huggies Ultra Comfort 4 (8-14 kg) GIGA PACK 86sht - we like

We like these diapers, now always take them, but because they are not exactly cheap, a large packaging goes a little

The cream gel for bathing before bedtime Johnson's Baby-an excellent choice.

My baby loves to swim. And put it to sleep is always difficult. On the advice of a friend bought a cream-gel for

Baby cleansing wipes "Recipes grandmother Agafia" - love it!

Great low-cost and high-quality cloth (72 pieces per pack - 48 rubles)! With a baby on a walk without them I can not!

ROCS kids toothpaste is safe for children.

Choosing a toothpaste for your baby - it laborious. On the one hand, it should be "delicious", but on the

Pampers Baby panties - nice and safely protect.

What's just not come up with for our kids. I bought my daughter diapers made as shorts. Very interesting, different

Body Milk "Little Fairy" - convenient packaging

smell an amateur, but like a child. Quickly absorbed, leaves no oily stains, and best of all - a bottle with a

Baby wipes Pampers - Assistant young parents

one day everyone comes a time that we have to take care of her little child. Pampers this helps. Pampers baby wipes

Pear to cleanse the nasal passages helps with a cold.

On the advice of a friend bought a blower to clear the nasal passages of the child. When the baby nachinalal snotty,

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