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Ointment Naphtaderm ZAO Retinoids - Review

5 18.01.2020

Help to get rid of eczema

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Ointment Naphtaderm use for treating eczema on hands. Learned about it not so long ago, about half a year ago. Prior to that, were treated with hormonal ointments that I was prescribed by a doctor. Think about the "charm" of hormonal ointments many do not need to tell, everyone knows how much they have side effects. Of course, when the skin is itchy, sore bursts and not think about it, there's anything stick, just passed. But with this same problem, because at first, the hormones help cool, but over time their effect weakens, and then they do stop to help, you have to change one ointment on another, then the third and so on.
That's why I'm constantly looking for something non-hormonal remedy for my ailments. And somehow in the pharmacy, I was advised to take a sample of the ointment Naphtaderm. It's an ointment based on Naftalan oil is light brown in color with a characteristic, not very pleasant smell. When applied to the skin it is absorbed and stain everything that you take plastered her hands.
As you can see, the flaws in this ointment is enough. Nevertheless, I use it and abandon it not going. And all because it works and works well. Yes, from Naphtaderm itching and inflammation go not as fast as the hormones, but side effects from it are much less, and the addiction it causes. I even noticed that its effect over time as it accumulates and the more I smeared, the better it helps. However for very severe exacerbations, I still have the first time to use the hormone ointment, but not for long - not more than a week, and then I move on Naphtaderm and smeared it until the eczema will not back down.
In General, this tool is a good replacement hormonal ointments in the treatment of eczema and I definitely recommend to try for anyone who suffers from this disease.

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