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Эдас-127 мастиол - Review

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Drops Aflubin

Drops for the prevention and treatment of influenza and acute respiratory infections did not help prevent ARD. My

Vinexin from Farmstart not helped

The drug Vinexin from Farmstart which should judging by annotated to normalize cerebral blood flow did not help me. I

Tablets Panadol

As it became very ill, the temperature was very high. The doctor prescribed tablets Panadol. I took them to lower the

Antiseptic Angileks (Angilex)

Ill stomatitis, antiseptic medication the doctor prescribed Angileks (Angilex). The average price sold in the form of a

Tablets Acyclovir

Getting a cold sore, and while at the most important moments. Recently purchased tablet Acyclovir antiviral, and which

The cream is for external use Mycospor

When I got a nail fungus, dermatologist wrote to smear it with cream for external use of Mycospor. Did everything

Ear drops Otofa

Drops Otofa doctor otolaryngologist appointed for the child for treatment of otitis media, and already the fifth day of

Drug "Bear fat" can hurt. Be careful!

The attending physician ordered a baby "bear grease" for suffering complications from bronchitis. Began to

Barbovalum (Barboval) JSC Farmak

Barbovalum (Barboval) JSC Farmak has used as a last resort in the fight against insomnia. To be honest, the first time

But-Salt spray nasal moisturizer (Sodium chloride) Farmak

Sick rhinitis the doctor for nasal lavage appointed But-Salt spray nasal moisturizer (Sodium chloride) products. Never

Tonsillar N ""Bionorica" In Ukraine"

Good day! Can't leave your feedback about drug Tonsillar N. Because there are very bad memories. A month ago, our baby

Nurofen for children syrup

Very bad cough! To us he was appointed district physician at the temperature, but the drug is not only reduced the

Tablets cough Farenheit

In a drugstore have advised to buy cough tablets Farenheit Romanian production CO "Therapy JSC. Price available,

Drug Kupret in drops

Recently, my daughter got sick with a viral infection. Along with quite normal and sane drugs (can appreciate, as a

Phenibut - causes a burning sensation of stomach

Due to the bustling responsible work earned a neurosis. The doctor ordered me, as an adjunct to other drugs, Phenibut.

Быстро побеждает простуду

Хочу рассказать про свой опыт лечения этим противовирусным. Назначала мне его терапевт еще зимой, когда повально все гри

Ставлю заслуженные 5 звездочек

Овариамин - современный, безопасный, но очень эффективный препарат, его действие я испытала на себе уже дважды. Начну


We are a Universal Chemical Supplying Market Based in USA with branches form Canada with which delivery is done from

Remedy for itching in chicken pox

Was not expecting that sick with chicken pox and thought that was sick in her childhood. It turned out that no. The

Kamillosan - salvation for colds

Spray to the oral cavity Kamillosan I first saw abroad, when we were vacationing with family in Thailand. As usually

Effective cough syrup

Gerbion syrup with plantain taste good, kids love it and me too. Acquire syrup for a long time. The composition


Спасибо производителю лекарства такое чудесное средство! Поксклин отлично подходит для лечения ветрянки, он охлаждает ко

Справился с моим заболеванием

У меня бак. вагиноз появляется после использования презервативов, а иногда бывает приходится ими пользоваться, когда заб

Syrup HOLOSAS of BAT "Vitamins" - not only good cholagogue, but kladets vitamin C

When the - that I have had minor problems with the liver. The doctor prescribed me then Holosas syrup. The results, I

Orasept on "Health Life" - with a sore throat is irreplaceable

Excellent high-speed tool Horsch removes even the most severe pain in the throat, swallowing easier, always use it,

All thanks to antifurto

My husband always wanted a big family and at least three children, and it so happened that and can not conceive can

Мелаксен мне помог вернуть свой привычный режим дня.

Одно время подрабатывала в интернет-кафе по ночам, а днем привыкла отсыпаться. Когда работу сменила, начались мучения. З

Sedative "Novopassit" from Teva brings a sense of calm

It just so happened that I live in a crazy rhythm. The work requires a flat out at 100%, but because very often I have

Body balm "Larkspur" of Siberian Health Corporation - save from joint pain

Buy a balm for the body "Larkspur" of Siberian Health Corporation to eliminate the resulting joint pain. For

Aerosol "Ingalipt" helps with chronic diseases of the throat

Aerosol "Ingalipt" very well help heal the throat with chronic tonsillitis. I have chronic tonsillitis since

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