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Жироудалитель Londix Лондикс - Review

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Detergent liquid PERWOLL Black magic - sheer frustration

To wash the black things PERWOLL Black magic as if it is not advertised is not just no good, I would do it from the

Laundry detergent Gala

Bought laundry detergent for manual washing Gala 2 in 1 with the scent of freshness. It has a pleasant smell and is

Brush shoe Salton

I love suede shoes, despite the fact that it requires special care and special equipment. But thanks to them, and you

Amway - an ordinary household cleaning products for big money.

Now the representatives of this company a dime a dozen, tell us what kind of miracle products from them. Tried and our

Washing powder Dosia alpine freshness machine 5.5 kg - bad vystiryvaetsya of clothing

clothes washed the powder only to harm themselves, even a small amount of powder penetrates into the tissue and not

Cleaning tool universal Domestos

For General cleaning of the House and, in particular, the bathrooms had become a universal means of Domestos cleaning

Mister Muscle cleaner for the bathroom 5 in 1 is dangerous for health!

This is a tool for the bathroom is not capable of absolutely nothing to wash, leaving behind intractable spots and

Plate "OZZ" to kill mosquitoes

Recently purchased the plates "OZZ" to kill mosquitoes in the èlektrofumigatoru of JSC «Belbiohim». On the packaging it

Air freshener Glade After rain

Air fresheners buy constantly on the farm they always come in handy. Recently began to use freshener Glade scented with

Gel Wash TM "Stork" Cashmere 950g - has an unpleasant smell

does not matter how well washed this gel stuff, but its smell all the spoils. The aroma from this gel is not the best,

Frying pan with Teflon-coated MEHTAP quickly deteriorates.

Tired of scrubbing pans, and I bought a non-stick frying pan MEHTAP Teflon coating. diameter of 28 cm from the first

Universal cleaner for sanitary Sanfor Black WC-gel - bad.

To My bathroom is always shining, I bought a universal tool for cleaning plumbing Sanfor Black WC-gel. As a result of

Whitening gel Onyx Sea freshness

Mild action whitening gel Onyx Sea freshness remained absolutely dissatisfied. This liquid bleach was not concentrated

GALA washing powder from Procter & Gamble in Ukraine - I would like white.

About Gala laundry detergent for colored fabrics Automatic nothing bad I can not say. Gala for the white linen washes

Sticker purity Dressing duckling

Took to remove unpleasant toilet smell sticker purity "Dressing duckling", which are glued (set 3 pieces) to the

Cleaner plumbing UNITAWC - cleans quickly

Buy a tool familiar to advise. When applying this tool to the surface of the bath are the places where I had sprinkled,

Softener Vernel Perfume Essence 900ml - unmatched flavor

I really like the smell of the air conditioner, because at every opportunity I try to add it in the laundry rinse, then

Washing powder Sarma - all washes

This detergent is using my mom and the recently myself. The powder is an inexpensive, well-bleaching linen, washes all

Multi-purpose fertilizer "ideal" manufacturer "Garden of Wonders" - advise all growers

Fertilizer is very good! Moreover, I take it for potted plants, as I have no give. But all the plants just "come

A set of containers for products from Uscan "Ucsan Plastik" - very comfortable

enjoy the containers for food and they are very happy. Boxes is quite roomy, well, it is tightly closed lids. They

Turk "Regent inox" 350 ml - Easy to use

this is very convenient to brew Turkish kipyatochek for coffee or tea, it is small and easy to use, boil water lapped

Copes with the smell

When buying a composting toilet to give the seller advised me to try online bio for the bottom of the tank. I was

Knife-shredder for cabbage PE "soon", a useful thing.

Previously, shredded cabbage, mostly hands on the grater was not very comfortable, and very large pieces shredded. And

Dryer Folding LEADER, a great option for large families

There has always been a shortage of space for drying clothes. But with drying laundry to dry Leader was quick and easy.

Frying TM "Petrogrand" Titanium 24cm without lid - is different in use

Excellent pan, which still search, the main thing I like about her - her capacity, she is perfect for cooking for the

Flashlight LED Headlight-good flashlight.

My husband Flashlight LED Headlight. The battery holds a very long time. It is convenient to take with you, because it

Air freshener «Aromania» - a wonderful aroma, spray a reliable engine!

For the past few months I have been using air fresheners «Aromania». These air fresheners (a range of «Aromania» has sev

iCOOK pan 30 cm in diameter with a lid on Amway - expensive, difficult, but indispensable

I gave her, for which a special thank you. In this pan, I do not undercooked, and 4 years of coverage never scratched

Detergent Sanoks

Very good detergent - paid, waited and washed. Great washes all kinds of dirt. Without the efforts and quickly. And the

Washing powder Frau Schmidt Ocean Colour machine 600g - washes very well

Wash the powder is very good, even machine washable makes things pristine, there is nothing to soak and scrub, which I

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