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5 30.07.2020

Hotdog great choice!

Being in business trip in Chelyabinsk have benefited from the site I would Like to Express my gratitude to the masters of such services. They are true experts and professionals! On the website there are many options with whom and how to spend your time,so choose actually there are plenty.There was only proven professionals and therefore should not fear for the consequences.Referring to the first time I was pleasantly surprised by the service and attitude towards customers. Very punctual and responsible professionals. Arrived on time, all the utensils brought with them. I have only to relax and to receive pleasure, using the time.Never after these treatments, I don't feel so good and so relaxed.The employee is always happy and friendly,are going to meet and ready to help in any matter.I want to thank you for a wonderful time. Thank you so much!

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The other day in Odessa, the city authorities decided to demolish the theater in order to further build on its location

Lunacharsky Theatre (Sevastopol) deteriorated, the performances are cheap and uninteresting

used very often went to plays in Lunacharsky, was always very interesting, exciting and fun. But now, after coming to

Recreation "Sail" Surgut - no amenities.

Rent a cottage for a day in the recreation center "Parus" Surgut. The entire plumbing in the house was not

Circus in Barnaul

Circus did not like neither me nor my daughter. Submission of prolonged, artists and animals such as working

Rollerdrome "Baikonur" in Lugansk - cold drafts

I roller skate do not know how, but the son still talked me into it and began training in this very establishment. It

Kharkov circus - miserable!

Each year, the building of Kharkov circus become more and more miserable. Once, it was one of the large-scale buildings

Ice Hall "Duffy" is not for beginners

Really love to skate! But in "Duffy" (Kharkiv), something went wrong. First, it is very difficult for

Kislovodsk Dolphinarium-a little expensive

When they were on vacation in Kislovodsk, decided that will go on view at a local Dolphinarium. Frankly speaking, that

Mobile Dolphinarium at the Exhibition Center in Moscow.

Dolphinarium at VVC: Do not show, as a cheap fast-food site of a new dolphin at the Exhibition Center says:

Pole ice rink in Lugansk - too close

rink is too small and this is the main drawback. Just nowhere to turn to someone not to hurt. Administration of the

House of Culture "Altayselmash" Rubtsovsk city - needs overhaul

DK "Altayselmash" is one of the cultural centers of the city of Rubtsovsk. It hosts various events such as

Great 3D at the cinema "Mir" in Brest

We love to visit this theater the whole family, like the 3D effects and cozy room. Often take place with a table and

In the Chelyabinsk Theater Chamber did not fall asleep from boredom.

Theatres love, but frankly, some pompous and boring performances. Once went to the Chamber Theatre became their

The big screen in a movie theater "Belarus" in Brest

A visit to the great hall theater "Belarus". Like a very large screen and good sound quality, watching movies


JSC "Europe UNO trade" is the largest trading company industry balloons and Party. The range of over 6,000 titles and

Interesting presentation with the use of fire on the waterfront Swamp (Moscow)

This is where young people gather and arrange beautiful presentation using a dangerous but beautiful element - fire. It

Kharkov planetarium Gagarin - Astronomical paradise for students and adults

Planetarium in Kharkiv has a special, magical Astronomy Centre, which combines all the advantages of the audience and

Children's room, shopping center "Megapolis", Chisinau

This is the only place where I can walk with your child during bad weather. In Chisinau, in my opinion, this is the

Greenwich-park in Taganrog - the perfect vacation spot!

For the first time visited the Greenwich-park in January. After visiting the fond memories remain: Turkish, Russian and

Christmas Carols Theatre (Ekaterinburg) - Theater in an entirely different vision than the classic theater

Theatre unusual. It is normally a wooden house. In the lobby (in rooms to the auditorium) provides a wealth of

Ski Park "NR"

Winter Park "DM", an excellent place for active recreation for the whole family!

Center riding dog Chukavina

This weekend, the whole family took a trip to Chukavina "Center driving dog", all really enjoyed this outing

Shopping center "Rubin"

In Tver already operates as a year of big shopping center "Rubin". Lots of good shops. Misrepresented the

I recommend to visit

I've interesting and informative spending time. Was at the exhibition of robots with my nephew and had a good time.

Okovetsky source

Place a beautiful, is the source of the very heart of the forest! How cool dip in the holy font, with the cleanest

Children's board game "Golden Key" LLC "Top Toy" - a colorful and interesting

My children just love a fairy tale "The Adventures of Pinocchio." I decided to buy them a game with the same

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