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Hotwell construction of houses - a Review - Review

1 12.01.2017


I put an honest assessment of "five" the company "Hotwell". Yeah, I can't compare this company with others, as a result of certain factors chose it for the construction of the only in my life your own home. Maybe there are better manufacturers of homes of SIPS. And I even believe it. But, after a long time after the end of construction, I have no sense that they gave me a bad product and I overpaid. On the contrary! Me and the wife love our new home, the quality and timing of its production! At the moment this is the finished house to stay in the summer. For winter use of course need appropriate revision. But this is my concern. Many thanks to the staff of the office of the company "Hotwell" in the city of Orel Borovkova Michael, Loverboy Anna and Coracini Alice for the house project and the solution to all problems in the preparation of the construction of the house. Drop by, hang out, and make sure of the justice of my words. A team of builders under the leadership of Ivan Zubkov destroyed all the stereotypes about how can work the real professionals. Home for the week - it's cool. The main thing - nothing to complain about. But I'm certainly not a professional. Therefore, I invite the "experts" and just interested in guests. Who needs details - visit This is our house "Hotwell"!
Yuri Serov

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