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shop Novex Novosibirsk - Review

-3 01.07.2012

Hardware store "Noveks", Novosibirsk, Karl Marx Avenue, 37/2 - for those who can afford it.

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At the hardware store "Noveks" you will find a poor selection of the necessary funds for the house and cottages, at inflated prices. And that price is not the same as on the price list, you will find only at the box office. As it happened with me. I saw a sunscreen with a discount. Just something 79rub. Checked the price tag and label, like everything came together. But at the checkout to learn that it costs 202rub. Cream, of course, did not take back. After all, he belongs to a group of products that can not be exchanged or returned. At the request of the administrator did not respond to call and book appeals to no avail. And at the end of this awfully nice frazochkami added: "Before you take something, make sure that you can afford it." What can I afford, I believe, these lovely ladies do not have to worry about, but, for violation of the law on public offer could at least apologize.

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