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In the village there are three women .... - Review

-1 31.08.2011

In the village there are three women ....

In the village there are three women. The evening, cloudy, dark. At the fence, near the hut, lo and behold ... what - the "log". Came closer, hear, or snoring, and then there's roar. Have chosen the road, lying drunk man! Baba first fly rastegnula peasant, and a proven technique, put his hand there. No, she said, the women, this is not my man is, my, perhaps, the godfather vodka "lashed", parasite! Second hand slipped, and, feeling says - Yes, Mary, your truth, is not your guy is! Third, putting his arm, he suddenly exclaimed: - Make-A-ah-ah-ah! He does seem to be women, not from our village ...

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