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Kharkov shop "Posad" - a horrible store!

Despite the cheapness of price, "Posad" ugly store. This product works very rude and lazy sellers around

Computer shop "Dia West" in Dnepropetrovsk - nowhere more

Shop is nice and wide enough range of goods and service is good, even has a service center in each store, but as it

Shop "1000, and a shoe" to the Commandant, etc. (St. Petersburg) - a small room and unfriendly sales

baby began to walk, and we decided to buy his first street shoes. Many moms are advised to shop "in 1000 and one

Врут людям

Хочу оставить отзыв о магазине "Новый дом", который находится по адресу Волгоградский проспект д. 32 ТЦ Метр Квадратный

Shop of the hotel's Aqua Blue Hurghada

Bought for underwater camera down to 24 kadra.Byl surprised that quickly ended the film, the printout showed that an

Shop Letual Barnaul

Shop cosmetics and perfumery not responsible to its name. Since there is perfume to a minimum. Basically, there is the

Vinogradov's bag at the Ust-Kamenogorsk

This product looks a good choice - and bags of various shapes and colors for men and women, belts, purses and more.

Bambi Kids Store in Dnepropetrovsk - the prices are too high

Taking a walk with the baby, decided to go to a children's shop to see what is in the spring for the child, but the

Shopping at the store "Price OK"

Walking through the mall went to the computer store, has long wanted to buy a TV. Consultants were running around me

In the "Children's World" is clearly a shortage of staff

Son bought the toy out there. Trading room is empty, there is no seller. I still had to run, so I sold the machine. The

Shop "City Classic" (Karaganda) - all products are very expensive and tasteless

Of course, I understand that fashion is fashion, but you can not blind her to indulge in all? Well, all over the shop

Shop "Sportmaster" in Kharkov - expensive!

This is a sportswear shop affects their prices - they are all just a giant! The range, of course, a good and very

Stockman (Yekaterinburg) - the price of "height", and the people as the Chinese market

Stockman lures discounts on their merchandise. These discounts are both on the Chinese market. Actually, it turns out

Kharkov clothing store "55 75" - ugly!

So, let's start with the name - such prices for a long time in the store no clothes - a terrible, bomzhatskaya

In a computer store "DNS" (Krasnodar) poor service.

Recently, in Krasnodar came into computer shop "DNS". Large selection of products, many walk vendors

Shop "Jam" Dnepropetrovsk - a huge selection of CDs

This store is huge, never seen him unique, specialized in the sale of CDs. When my husband and I get there, then they

I highly recommend it!

Last winter we were faced with the problem of the icicles on their roof very much and big sizes, under our house just

Shop Fix Price

Shop, where all for one price £ 36! The choice of product is very big! There is everything: office supplies, household

Shop "Ekolas" in Rostov-on-Don-quality shoes.

Summer sandals I bought this at a good discount store and bought them for 600 rubles. I walk in them, do not believe it

The store "velocenter" in Maikop good service.

In the shop "velocenter" in Maikop bought vedosiped daughter's birthday. Conveniently, there are bicycles

Shop the Grand Market in Poltava - a good selection of drinks and unusual sweets

Normal grocery store, where there is a little bit of everything. But I was pleasantly surprised - this little shop was

happy lawn

Ordered last summer in the company Gargazzone turf, this company was recommended by friends who had

Shop "Zooworld" (Belorechensk) is a convenience store.

Recently okrylsya in Belorechensk new store "Zoo World". Shop a little, there a few aquariums, cages for

Широкий выбор приятных электронных сигарет

Вейпером стала совсем недавно, раньше курила обычные сигареты, но могу точно сказать, что курить электронную сигарету на

Shop ATB

Great store, lots of different products and at a very low price.

Thank you so much.

Moved into a new apartment and started it up. To the kitchen decided to purchase the kitchen area. Contacted the

Shop "yellow beetle", Kiev, Blvd. Perov, 36 - low prices, good things

in the "Yellow Bug" we have come by accident - wandered through the shops in search of spring jackets for my

Shop "Kopeika" in Maikop, a cozy little shop.

Shop "kopeck" in Maikop, a small, but there can be various food Owari, which can be bought cheaper than other

Shop "1000 little things" in Dnepropetrovsk - a lot can be found

Store that has consistently running more than one year, how many can remember, and always full of a variety of goods,

In the shop "Charm" in Maikop sellers will help you select the desired flavor.

Shop "Charm" in Maikop quite small. Specializes in the sale of perfumes, cosmetics. It is always possible to

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