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Do not go to RivGosh Magnitogorsk

repeatedly come across spoiled lipstick. With the terms of the order date. It seems improper storage. You open the

In a computer store "DNS" (Krasnodar) poor service.

Recently, in Krasnodar came into computer shop "DNS". Large selection of products, many walk vendors

The store TsentrObuv (Moscow, p. M Komsomol, Komsomol Square - rude salespeople, director, quality shoes, etc

In this terrible store, which sometimes have to buy shoes when absolutely zero budget, I was faced with an incredible

Elite Handbags Ust-Kamenogorsk

The shop chose a great name, but the range it does not. I do not think that luxury bags are made of burlap or kozhzama.

Disgusting eobsluzhivanie in the store, "poplar" Krivoy Rog

went to visit a friend and she asked me to buy in the store, "poplar" located next to the house of a carton

Shop "Sportmaster" in Kharkov - expensive!

This is a sportswear shop affects their prices - they are all just a giant! The range, of course, a good and very

Shop Cooking Barnaul

What are customers employees and owners of this store is completely incomprehensible to me. Staff rude and slow. If

Shop "Iceberg" Borisoglebsk

In the store, "Iceberg", the city Borisoglebsk, at the intersection. Blansko and Soviet, buy a TV LG 32CS460,

Shop "Sports goods" (Belorechensk) is too small.

Shop "Sports goods" in Belorechensk recently moved to a small room in proportion to all tightened counters.

L'Etaul-paying for a name??

L'Etoile - Shop cosmetics and perfumes. The choice of course great, but for some reason the price of the goods by

Shop esoterica "Incense" in Dnipropetrovsk - an eerie place

I went to the store of esoteric chance came by and decided to peek out of curiosity to see what is sold there at all.

Chain stores, "Preston", Minsk - a mess on the shelves

Convenience "Preston" in Minsk - it's just terrible. In the kitchen - the smell awful. On the shelves of

Do not buy in stores Euroset!

"I had the luck," buy a phone. At home he took up, and then other people's SMS! That is, it was used! She

Shop "Home Improvement" Kemerovo - poor customer service.

Range of products is very large. But the quality of customer service is bad. For information about the product can not

Chain stores "Pyaterochka" in Moscow, dirt, expired goods.

I live in Moscow, not far from my house there is a shop "Pyaterochka". Shop terrible! Dirt, dust, expired

Shop "Absolute. Discount" Tver

Shop the leading sportswear companies - Adidas, Nike, Puma, Reebok, etc. We have in store "Absolute" about

Shop the Grand Market in Poltava - a good selection of drinks and unusual sweets

Normal grocery store, where there is a little bit of everything. But I was pleasantly surprised - this little shop was

Заказали входную дверь

За прошлый год дважды обращались сюда по поводу покупки и монтажа входных дверей. Первый раз заказывали для родителей, о

Kharkov shop JUSK - extensive!

This store allows you to buy almost any household goods, including furniture and kitchen equipment. The shop has a wide

Shoe store, "Artie" Izhevsk - everyone will find something suitable footwear.

In the shop I like the fact that the price ranges from cheap to decent sums for good shoes. Go here and students, and

The store "Hero" (Belorechensk) good service.

A few days ago to buy gifts and went into the store Belorechensk "Hero". First, find themselves trying to

"Shop constant sales" (Ekaterinburg) - household goods at low prices

This product can be purchased from the sponges for washing dishes, ending with a power tool at the best prices of the

Computers, gadgets, accessories, has everything in OLDI ..

Perhaps the best network in Moscow computer stores (I think they have 5 pieces in different areas) and the

Shop "for body and soul" in Maikop, you can always buy good gifts.

Shop "for body and soul" in Maikop - hroshee place for the selection and acquisition of high-quality domestic

Shop "World Shoe" in Dnepropetrovsk - there is good shoes at affordable prices

When to get a new pair of shoes, usually walk in a shoe shop "World Shoe", and he also has an exhibition

Shop hats AVenue, city Rubtsovsk, no one will leave without buying

recently discovered a new place to shop in the city of Rubtsovsk - Salon hats AVenue. Here, each week bringing a new,

Отзыв о магазине Тессер

Недавно покупали плитку в салоне Тессер. Честно говоря, не ожидали, что будут какие-то трудности с выбором, но… В общих

Shop "1000 little things" in Dnepropetrovsk - a lot can be found

Store that has consistently running more than one year, how many can remember, and always full of a variety of goods,

Shoe Shop "Buburuza" in Tiraspol great shoe store.

If I need to get beautiful, quality shoes I buy it in store Buburuza, which is located in our city. This store large

a network of shops accessorize

I love shopping on the network - a paradise for lovers of accessories. However most of the range is not quite to my

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