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Инфракрасный термометр Sensitec nb 401 - Review

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Зубная паста Aquafresh3 Mild&Minty

The health of the teeth affects not only the correctly chosen brush, but largely affects and toothpaste. Toothpaste

Ob tampons terrible

Bought tampons Ob pro comfort Silk Touch and was amazed at their disgusting quality. Swab covered himself what that

Bad strip Bella Nova Classic

Bought strip Bella Nova Classic and thought it what you want, but she was wrong. Tack strips, which must prevent

Points simulators Laser Vision (Laser Vision) is absolutely useless!

Hoped by glasses Laser Vision (Laser Vision) little to improve his eyesight. Useless! Did everything according to

Toothpaste TM "Splat Siberry" Siberian berry strengthens - not the best choice

Not the best impression left by this paste on the contrary, it would soon change, especially did not like it to taste,

Patches "Invisible" poorly kept

With the arrival of spring and autumn period my legs suffer from corns. Purchased plasters "Invisible"

Procter & Gamble Hygiene pads NATURELLA Ultra Maxi DUO with wings - causes irritation

Most use pads that contain no fragrances and balsams, and preferably have setchastuyu surface, but decided to take


As every mother I was faced with teething.The doctor prescribed us Destocking. The price is not too little. Having

Ultrasonic nebulizer AND UN-231

Bought your child Ultrasonic nebulizer AND UN-231. At first I liked it, quiet, silent. Masks in the set adapters. After

Toothpaste Lacalut sensitive (Lakalyut sensetiv) does not clean!

Dentist advised to buy a special fluorine toothpaste for sensitive teeth. The pharmacy became Lacalut sensitive

Toothpaste blend-a-med

Within two weeks suddenly began to fall out of the seal. Just crumbled. Had to urgently run to the dentist. After

Paradontax toothpaste from bleeding gums

Paradontax toothpaste from bleeding gums isn't helping. In addition, this toothpaste has a terribly nasty taste, it

The patch "Silkoplast" Sensi Sensitive Skin, 20 pieces - will not stay on the skin

This plaster is very myagenkaya adhesive base, it does not strongly attached to the skin, but to me it seemed to do

Toothbrush Reach Dual Effect firm - hard - uncomfortable to use

I'm a little brushing their teeth brushed Reach Dual Effect firm changed it without hesitation, she still bristles

Salicilovo-zinkovaya paste does not work

On the advice of pharmacists in the pharmacy salicilovo-zinc paste, I had any podsushiwauschee and anti-inflammatory

отзыв об интернет-магазине

Первое, что я хочу отметить вообще от покупки с сайта : это прекрасный и внимательный сервис, весьма оперативная доставк

Как доп. средство хорош

Таблетки от кашля Граммидин - Как доп. средство хорош, но только с Граммидином ангину не вылечить. Внимание! Перед приме

Set Colgate Mouthwash Comprehensive protection + Toothpaste "Clean Mint" - a nice set

typically buy separately and rinse Colgate Comprehensive protection and toothpaste, and acquiring a set of like killing

pharmacy 9-1-1

My mother and I often buy in the pharmacy. There is not only a wide selection of products, but also baby food, baby

Omron Electronic thermometer is never wrong

I really like this thermometer. Very simple, and most importantly safe. Do not fear that a baby will break it or hurt.

Cotton buds I am the most charming of the Company "Cotton Club" - fine quality

Excellent cotton swabs, for hygiene are indispensable, easy enough wool not wound tugenko slazit and unwinds itself

Plaster children Nexcare Sensitive Kids - Excellent quality!

Children's Plaster Nexcare Sensitive Kids I was offered a pharmacy when we learned that we needed a band-aid for a

Handkerchiefs TM "Kleenex" Ultra Soft 4-ply - very handy

Well, that's come up with such a small disposable napkins - handkerchiefs, they are neatly stacked in a small

Gaskets Carefree Flexi Form daily 30pcs - good quality

Daily laying Carefree Flexi Form a fairly good quality, they meet all my needs, rather thin, breathable, breathe well,

A set of medical plasters Sanita Plast № 4 of the Company "Medcom-Ukraine" - for all occasions

We have a medicine cabinet at home in such a set is constant, while in summer wear and with a purse, because the

fitochay "Belaya lactochka" from korporatsii Cibirckoe Zdorove solve health problems.

In za pogone molodoctyu and kracotoy horoshi credctva all thumbnails. Ocobenno raduet, And when udaetcya covmeschat

Colgate Total - cool toothpaste!

Paste Colgate Total is one of the highest quality and most effective toothpastes. This paste has excellent cleaning and

Medical elastic belt on the Company "Belpa-med" helps the whole family.

Husband-driver for many years now wears a long journey from the Medical elastic LLC "Belpa-med." It consists

Gaskets Always Ultra night duo with wings 14sht - the most reliable

This pads have full confidence, I know for sure, they will not let you down. Especially like their absorbent layer

Inhaler Omron C28 effective and economical.

I bought at the pharmacy Inhaler Omron C28 - advised him to me as the best device in its class for the balance of price

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