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ИП Ларионов Павел Александрович  - Review

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Pantyhose Pierre Cardin Annecy 11den visone solid 2 - unreliable quality

tights look good on the foot, only for practicality, they are at the very last place among all the others. Too thin,

Swimsuit by Florange - poor quality material

Recently bought a swimsuit from Florange, in contrast to previous models of their own, I was disappointed. Whether on

Luxury pearl pin from Oriflame poorly made props

I have chosen this as a gift girlfriend bobby pin as a makeweight. She has beautiful dark hair, against the background

Jeans INCITY - disappointing.

Not long ago bought jeans INCITY, disappointed in the very first day, underwear and T-shirt stained the color of the

Dress for pregnant women from TM "Leleka" - too short

In pregnancy, especially during the last weeks have been difficult to find anything to wear because of the stomach, so

clothing from Оджи

once for the sake of exploring the firm Оджи, decided to go to their online store. at first glance, things look very goo


Strings can cause thrush. Do not believe at first, until zhertovoy not become my friend ... It appears easy to wear and

Polish clothing TOP SECRET

These things I buy only discounts. Otherwise, all exaggerated by 200% accurate. The quality leaves much to be desired.

Tights ALBA 40 DEN (ALBA 40 den)

Tights ALBA 40 DEN (ALBA 40 den) do not advise buying. I bought 3 pairs, one pair is presented. For 40 den very thin

Clothes wear out quickly Calioppe!

Always buy clothes TM "Calioppe", because I really like the design, and constantly rastraivaytes. as all

Panties, utjazhki Petite Fleur, Germany - did not Waist!

I ordered from an online store shorts utjazhki Petite Fleur - thought to pull the body after birth. It turned out that

Tights made of cotton with Lycra 250 den (Kamelia) - an unfortunate choice

These tights are not initially smooth texture. It seems that in some places pronosheny tights. So it can be worn only

Stockings Omsa Malizia 20 den daino 3 - silicone base bad

Before these stockings were much better, but they were torn down, and stockings Omsa Malizia is just a nightmare, the

waistcoat (sideways)

always wanted a vest silver, all as advertised that the pier is beautiful, the rich thing of yours for every

cankama for winter

Bought a coat in the fall of 2014. The model on the website kankama number 278. The seller and manufacturer claim that

Lingerie «MILAVITSA» (production of Minsk, Belarus) - an excellent quality combined with reasonable price

For more than five years of buying lingerie only «MILAVITSA» and nothing is better represented in our market for the m

Top TM "Flex" melaverde size M - very handy

I love sports and when time allows and the weather, even jogging suit, but as usual with seeds bystgaltere run

Tights Omsa Micro & Cotton 140 kind and quality.

Already that year to buy these winter tights. They are quite dense, warm, respectively. They did not form pellets,

Jeans firm's "New Look" convenient and practical!

My favorite jeans - the company "New Look". They have a very good cut, but because they are extremely

GinaJeans Jeans are made of good material and have an excellent cut of

I am delighted with their GinaJeans, as they sit perfectly on the figure, even after many washings, made from natural

Black maxi skirt Pimkie - trendy and original

Of course, for everyday wear such a long skirt will not work because that is not convenient. But if you want a

Cowards Charmante VTL331102B female blue cell / print - easy

Bought a couple of shorts Charmante for the summer, were very comfortable, sit perfectly, such legenky, just very thin

Shop Lingerie

accidentally visited the site to sell underwear Pleased and a relatively large range of acceptable

Tights Omsa Attiva 40 Fumo 2 - good adhesive qualities leg

Buy pantyhose Omsa a long time, they have excellent quality, on foot, they sit just perfectly, covered the leg from all

Great shop!

Estimated wisecleaner intervenant and professionaliz m operator to receive the order, which is for fitting made to

Pants from Banana River Island - a successful disguise small flaws figure

With things the company River Island encounter less frequently, but they are almost always pleasing. That is what

Jacket LAWINE udbnaya and warm.

LAWINE jacket stylish and comfortable, high quality sewn. Sewn to the sleeves, knitted cuffs, even a strong wind does

The skirt of the Sinequanone - a godsend for troubled figures

Come with his sister shopping. I choose the clothes for themselves very quickly, but that's about a sister can not

Pantyhose Pierre Cardin Blois 20den visone solid two - they have absolutely no shorts

Very handy when tights are not shorts, they sometimes climbs in the worst possible moment under skirts and pantyhose

Underwear SeaLine - the best choice.

For many years, buying underwear "SeaLine", the quality is not disappointed to this day. I am glad

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