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The theme of the Emulsion Benzyl benzoate, ZAO Retinoids - Review

5 19.03.2020

Freed from the hated rash on the face

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I had the rash all over face and neck, on the shoulder blades. Took a long time. I tried to be treated by different means, but nothing helped. Went to the dermatologist. He took a scraping and it turned out that I had demodicosis. That is the culprit subcutaneous mite Demodex. I'm prepared already to serious treatment with some drugs, but it turned out that you just need to put on the skin Benzyl benzoate emulsion. The treatment lasts more than one day, I got in total was 3 months. But the main thing is the result, my skin cleared up, the last tests were clean. Finally, I can not be ashamed of your face!

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