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Liquid detergent Laska Black Radiance by Henkel Henkel - no lights. - Review

-5 24.11.2012

Liquid detergent "Laska Black Radiance" by Henkel (Henkel) - no lights.

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Liquid detergent "Laska Black Radiance" by Henkel (Henkel), as claimed by the manufacturer to have miraculous "recovery effect black" and gives things their original form. But none of that, in the application, I never saw him. This is the usual washing and washing agent which with the most basic combat pollution can not. In addition, "Lusk Shining Black" has a very strong chemical smell, and he kept holding on things. To me, this "scent" is not pleasant. And of course, there is no "recovery", "shine" or "removal of gray pellets", again as promised Henkel (Henkel), no. In my opinion, this is just an extension of the product line in order to get more profit. So I buy more liquid detergent "Laska Black Radiance" by Henkel (Henkel) will not, for me it is an unjustified waste of money.

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